Friday, June 30, 2006

Loz was talking about fire earlier, and how strange it was that almost all humans feel mesmerized by watching a fire. It got me thinking (although I didn’t have a chance to say anything) – it’s not that surprising at all that we should be almost hypnotized by a fire. Historically fire has been our only weapon against animals and the dark, our only source of heat and light, our only way of cooking what we catch, and the camp fire has been the centre of social life. Humans have a deep-rooted respect for fire; both for it’s usefulness and for it’s danger. It’s hardly surprising that it lulls and soothes us even as it terrifies.

****also unfinished***

On Patriotism


Patriotism can be simply defined as a devotion to one’s country. This, at first glance, may appear a good and productive feeling. However when considered in the cold light of cynicism patriotism assumes a more sinister aspect.

The inspiration of patriotism, undertaken by politicians and the media in general, is a poorly disguised form of propaganda. It is patriotism which motivates a country’s young to join armed forces and fight wars.

***essay un-finished***