Friday, January 22, 2010

Quick note - Ellie's first two teeth popped through today! Both in the lower gum, right near the middle.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sometimes I don't recognise myself.

I'm sure I used to be timid and shy. I recall once upon a time refusing to buy myself a pair of shoes because I didn't want to talk to the person at the counter. I think mum had to get them for me. I was probably about 13.

Now I yell at people for not using their indicators, and confront people about their poorly thought out beliefs and values.

Not so long ago I overheard a man talking to his wife about "Australian values". Frankly I haven't got a clue what they are, so I asked him. And he said, "They are what I went and fought in Viet Nam for." Sadly I didn't have time to discuss the matter further; I had to go through the check-out. But I would have loved to have told that guy his answer said nothing and made no sense.

I have opinions. I believe in them. I have no qualms in making them known.

For instance, there is no such thing as "Australian values". It is a phrase bandied about by politicians to gain votes from the patriotic, but never explained. I'm quite sure I share very few values with the kind of politician who'd say that, or the kind of voter who'd believe in it.

I also think that what human beings do to each other is disgusting. I would like to believe that we have moved beyond the primitive fight for survival and supremacy, but the more I read the news the more I see that people are indeed behaving primitively - I would say "like barbarians" but I think barbarians were more advanced than, say, Neanderthals. Just. And the things we do to each other are not justified as they might have been millions of years ago. Not at all. The things we do are heinous, and the reasons given are pathetic.

Another opinion of mine is that, truly, "religion is the opiate of the masses". The quote I stole, the opinion is my own. Religion is one of the above-mentioned pathetic reasons to do things to people. It is also a catalyst for conflict. There are thousands of religions in the world, each believing itself to be right while the others are wrong. Even within the same religion there are sects and schisms and debates. And it's all over things which may or may not have happened in the distant past. Surely we can leave all that behind us?

The last opinion I'm going to go into is my very own prejudice, and I think it's the only one I've got: stupidity. I hate stupid people. I don't mean uneducated; the underprivileged can't help the lack of resources available to them. I mean people who have the means but not the will. It's so much easier to just believe things - the bible, the newspaper, what Their Sharon Said About Our Shawn.

So anyway, that's me.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ghost update...

Just a quick post about a couple of inexplicable thuds and bangs in here tonight. Sounded like the baby's chair thing being dropped onto the side table, but since it was already sitting there quite flat and secure... hmmm.

Also a very strong feeling of being watched tonight. I was sitting around in my underpants (hey, it's hot, ok?!) and I've had to put my jeans back on because I felt too vulnerable!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The world of Stace right now... Aidan's into his second week of night shift, so I don't see an awful lot of him - at least, not awake.

We have a property inspection tomorrow, and if that bloody woman mentions my unwashed dishes again I'll rip her head off. Her job is to inspect the condition of the rental property, not my housekeeping. Also if she mentions the garden I shall point out that Australia has been in drought for about 15 years so I'm not about to waste water on this pathetic excuse for a garden.

On Friday afternoon we're heading down to Victoria for a few days - it will be Elspeth's first ever visit to her parents' home state! So that'll be fun. Friday morning won't be fun at all, because she will be getting injections. Ouchies!

I'm quite tired today. I went to a friend's place for a "party" last night - just because it was Tuesday, and she had leftover wine. I didn't stay that late, but having such fun got me buzzing so I couldn't sleep for ages after I got home! And then, of course, Aidan got home at about 5.30am, and then Ellie woke up at 7am... so it was a short and broken sleep for me! Again. Not to worry, it's all in a good cause!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

On a poorly chosen stinking hot afternoon (today), a family of three (us) went to Cockington Green Gardens, a collection of miniature buildings set amongst lovely gardens to the north of Canberra. I enclose for your enjoyment some photos!

I loved the garden on this - the tiny trees and creepers!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

So anyway, it's been a little while since I blogged. Again. I'm getting slack.

We bought a bass guitar! Elspeth's fingers aren't quite long enough, but Aidan and I are picking it up reasonably well - it helps that Aidan has played guitar before, and I've played piano so I have an idea of musical theory in general.

It's stinking hot in Canberra; a typical summer here. It's never very nice. It makes going out during the day a chore, which totally sucks for me because by the time it's cooled down, Elspeth is in bed asleep, so I can't go out then! (At least, not if Aidan isn't home. Which he often isn't. Work.)

I'm going a bit stir-crazy, to be honest. It's true that a considerable portion of my social life has always been online, but I'm missing the face-to-face aspect of having a job. I feel that I need to leave the house more often, see more people, do more things. But it isn't easy, with little Ellie still needing so much sleep and something like routine. I can't be spontaneous, I can't do anything alone, I can't get the pram onto the buses here, I can't take her anywhere for more than a couple of hours unless I also have the porta-cot to put her to bed. I know that sounds like a laundry-list of complaints, but that's just how it is. I would like to invite people around here more often - for dinner, drinks, or whatever - but Aidan always seems quite apathetic towards such ideas, and his lack of enthusiasm puts a damper on mine. Aidan also feels that Elspeth is still too young to leave with a friend or babysitter (or anyone other than our parents, who live too far away) so that puts paid to other ideas too. It's alright for him - he gets out of the house, he sees people and does things!

So I sit at my computer while Ellie sleeps, playing games and spending way too much time on Facebook. Gaining weight, losing fitness, wondering if my friends think I don't want to see them...