Saturday, March 27, 2004

There is one type of person which really pisses me off. Actually there's more than one, but only one I'll talk about here and now.
It's the kind of person who will wander along while you're obviously in the middle of a conversation with somebody else, and just start talking to you and expect you to break off your other conversation, drop everything, and listen. I mean, it's glaringly obvious that you're talking/listening to somebody else. But this type of person just doesn't see or doesn't care. They just butt right in. It really really gives me the utter shits.

Friday, March 26, 2004

Woohoo! Got a letter from the bank, they're going to credit my credit card account for $800 + $10 in trasaction fees. Yay!

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Phew! Glad today's over. Today and all its hassles. Like Yuri. Yuri received a damaged parcel from the Ukraine and demanded his compensation even though we had no damage report and he'd since thrown out the packaging. I sent him a very diplomatic letter, with Nik's assistance, telling him to bugger off. The way Nik put it is, "It's like we sort of care... but we don't." I like it.

I just found a nifty page full of webcam images of Melbourne in my net-browsings. Well, it's not that nifty.

It's so incredibly nice to relax after a day at work. It can all be so draining. Relaxation is good. Sex, or even a date, would be better. But relaxation will have to do. Anyway, I keep thinking I want company or I want to get laid, but I never think beyond that and realise I love being single far too much to get tangled up with other people right now.

Blogging difficult. Typing hard. I go rest now. Ugh.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Today's one of those days when I just don't want to be here at work. I just want to go home. Work doesn't usually get to me - even when I'm outwardly fuming, it's just letting off steam and I'm really fine. That's the point, normally the steam lets off pretty easily. Today the steam's just steaming inside. People like Bruno's wife and the Hawthorn LPO staff are giving me the irrits! Thank [insert appropriate deity here] for Dom and Howard. They keep me insane!

Saturday, March 20, 2004

Tonight will go down in history as The Night I Solved Something Useful!
We got a new TV, and couldn't figure out why the sound wouldn't work properly. I have to stop saying "we". I got a new TV which is, for now, at Cossack's place. Anyway, I made a suggestion and I was right!!! We have sound. This rocks!

Friday, March 19, 2004

Gosh, I spend a lot of time bored at work. It's kind of boring.
I'm getting a new mobile phone this afternoon after work. Samsung N181 on Orange's Talksaver 28 plan. Looks pretty funky 'n' stuff. You know, stuff. The thing with the stuff. I like saying that.
I need to kill just over an hour, and make it look like I'm actually busy and doing something for that whole hour. This is not going to be easy. I shouldn't have worked so hard this morning! Not that I did... oops.
Eleven files resolved today. Not as many as I need, but more than some other days. I'm meant to average 20 per day. Monday I did 31 or 32 or something. That was good. But most days last week were 6 or 7 resolves.
Can't wait till Easter. Holidays. I don't even care about the chocolate, I don't want any. I just want some time off. Relax. Do nothing. Nothing is good.

We were having a very interesting discussion here at work about what we would do if a plane crashed into either our building, or a building we can see out the window. It would be incredibly weird. Terrifying. Etc.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

I'm at work. Yay!
Last night I met up with Andrew after work, we did our usual wander-around-the-city-for-several-hours thing, which was fun. One of the things we did was wander into the Sanity in Crown. The guy there was hot. He also talked to me. I'm currently wondering if I should drop by again tonight and ask him out. You can tell I'm getting desperate when I'll do something like that. Actually not quite desperate. I just want some enjoyment. I wonder if I'm going to be utterly humiliated, or if he'll say yes? Last time I asked anybody out, I got a put-off - you know, "I can't this week, maybe some other time". The polite refusal. I hate that, I'd much rather they say "I don't want to, bugger off!"
Anyway, Andrew and I saw "Something's Gotta Give", which was pretty funny for a romantic comedy. You can always count on Jack Nicholson.

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Last night was great. My 21st birthday dinner at Sofia's in Camberwell. Guest list:
(Daz showed up breifly, after the dinner and before bed)

I think everyone had a good time. Andrew, Chantell, Emily, and Glenn all stayed at my place... for varying lengths of time. Glenn was bloody hilarious when we played Monopoly. He was the dog, and he kept woofing. Then he went bankrupt, sold out, and became Emily's "guard dog". Lots of alcohol was consumed, even by Chantell. I didn't drink much - I've over-consumed in the last couple of weeks! Still had heaps of fun though, and I hope everyone else did.

Friday, March 12, 2004

What a week it's been so far. I have begun my "new job", filling in for Allan while he's on leave. So now I'm known as an outbound investigator, as opposed to a customer service consultant. I feel as though I should be doing something, but I can't find anything to do. I mean, I look through the files I'm handling and I can't see anything that I can do right now - lots of stuff to do next week, or next month, but nothing obvious that remains to be done today. I'm absolutely certain I'm missing something. Allan was always busy, he didn't sit around blogging!

Monday, March 08, 2004

Well, I've just gotten back from a weekend in the country. Took the train up to Seymour on Saturday afternoon, went straight to Sandi's place for her 21st. Oh boy. I drank far too much. I was puking all day Sunday, at mum and dad's place. They were sympathetic. Phew. Still, all in all it was a nice birthday today.
(Today is my 21st birthday, by the way)
So anyway, mum's old friend Chris came round while I was there, I wasn't expecting her but she brought me a present anyway. It's very sweet of her - I don't know how she remembered it was my birthday!
Mum gave me a beautiful matching necklace and bracelet - of course I love them, I picked them myself. She also put together the traditional 21st birthday photo album. It's not too bad, not too many humiliating pictures... besides the fact that I'm in all of them.
I can't believe how old I am. 21. Wow.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Oh man, today was crappy. Mrs Ho is the caller who sticks in mind. "Isn't insurance enough proof of value for you? Why do you need receipts too?"
Of course we can't pay up on the insurance if you can't show proof of value of the insured items!!! Isn't that just logic? Isn't that how insurance works? Stupid woman!
"How am I meant to get proof of value, it's a suitcase full of clothes, they accumulated over the course of years."
Go to a department store, find similar items, and get a quote. No, I don't want you to visit 500 different shops. Just one shop. Please. Shup up. Dear God make it stop.
She honestly expected simply her word to be enough for us to cough up $500. Just because that's how much she insured it for. I mean really, I could buy a $20 CD, insure it for $500, and then say "That's what it's worth! Really!" Bah.
Life is essentially about tea. Well, my life is. It is about the consumption, expectation, preparation, and enjoyment... of tea. If I'm not drinking tea, I'm thinking about making the next cup. The anticipation is almost as enjoyable as the tea itself.

At times, I feel very much like Arthur Dent.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

I haven't updated this in ages! My bad. Then again, it's not as though I've been doing anything in particular.
Last Friday was Daz's last day at work, so the afterwork drinks was fun. I miss him at work though, he was a lot of fun. But his replacement, Behk, she's cool.
I'm in training now to take over Allan's position while he's on leave. It's somewhat daunting, but there will be plenty of people to give the assitance I will need. It'll be a good experience, being an investigator.

My acheivements at work to date:
    Best True Calls for December 2003
    Best True Calls for February 2004
    3rd Best Overall for February 2004
    Being trusted with a temporary promotion as of March 9th for 4 weeks