Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm complaining about last night.

Little Ellie has been sleeping right through the night 99% of the time since she was four months old. But last night was just the pits. She woke up at 2.15am, for no real reason that I could find. I think she does have a tooth on the way, but at that point she didn't actually seem to be in pain. She simply would not re-settle for over two hours; it was past 4.30 by the time she and I both got back to sleep. And then, of course, I had to get up at 7am as usual to feed her and all that morning stuff. It's now just past midday: Ellie has been fed twice and bathed and had a nap (I also had a nap), while I'm still in my pyjamas and haven't showered, and I've only eaten a couple of slices of tinned peach. I have a splitting headache and I keep feeling dizzy, and I know I should probably eat more and maybe even leave the house, but all I want to do is go back to sleep. I'm hanging out for Ellie's next nap (maybe another half hour or an hour...) and then I think I'll nap again. And THEN, by which time it will be about 2pm, I will start my day. :P

Friday, April 23, 2010

Ellie and I went down to the lake today for a picnic and some fun.

So many leaves! Only two hands and one mouth! What to do?!

The weather was nice, so we stayed down there just playing for a couple of hours.

She also tried to chase some magpies! They all got away, though.

She kept trying to shove leaves up my nose, in my eyes, and into my mouth. Yummy! I think she got more in my mouth than her own!

Friday, April 16, 2010

No celebrity seems to ever actually do
anything wrong.

They're not immoral or criminal, oh no. They have an illness or an addiction. Since when does that make things okay?

Tiger Woods, hello? Sex addiction? Or just a sleazebag? Oh right, he has lots of money and publicists and a lot of people relying on his good reputation; of course it has to be a sex addiction. Ditto David Duchovny.

Amy Winehouse is always fun. She claims to be addicted to everything - sex, drugs, and alcohol! No, woman, you're addicted to publicity! For no matter what else she has - whether it be the addiction or the treatment, she gets attention!

Charlie Sheen's ex-wife says he's addicted to internet porn. Makes me wonder how he finds the time to learn his lines for Two and a Half Men. Maybe he just likes to whack off, and what guy doesn't?

Wynonna Judd is addicted to food!! I hope nobody tries to make her give that one up; she might get cured but only until she starves to death. It's not alright to simply be overweight, or to have no willpower, or even to have a genetic tendency to weight problems. Nope, if you're famous it has to be an addiction!

Perhaps we need to stop seeing addiction as an excuse, and start holding people responsible for their behaviour, how about that? WEIRD IDEA?!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Today was Cheap Shopping day! ALDI and Big W, hooray! Did you know you can get 50 nappies for $16 from ALDI? That's awesome. And 80 baby wipes for under $3. Love love love.

Also bought some warm winter clothes for Ellie from Big W. She has hardly any warm clothes in the sizes she'll be needing over winter. So I bought lots of socks and a cute jacket for her. If anyone fancies giving her a present, warm size 1 clothing with minimal pink if you please!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Well, it was a normal boring Sunday until somebody had the bright idea of a picnic lunch! The sun was shining intermittently, the wind was blowing like mad, and we set off with cheeses and crackers to Canberra's Carillon.

Ellie got into everything - she went for the brie, and then the blue, then the cheddar. Then the cheese knife. Then the kabana, and the salami. Finally she settled on a cheesy breadstick.

However, it wasn't long before the wind picked up even further, and dark clouds menaced. We packed up hurriedly to head home, and indeed we did get spat upon from above on our way home.

But we made it back alive and unscathed, with plenty of left-overs for dinner!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Today was the Hens Afternoon Tea of my friend Krystle, in Weston Park by the lake. A lovely day was had by all! I was pleasantly surprised that there were some people there I knew, and I even won a prize in one of the games - a bucket of lollies.

Upon my return home, Aidan went out to Josh's Bucks Night.

And I discovered that Ellie has a new tooth JUST popped through the gum today! No wonder she was crying so much for, like, half an hour.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Pics of the regatta for Cazzie :)
There are more HERE

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Dear God,

Why did you invent alcohol? And young men? And if you had to invent them, couldn't you have kept them apart? Didn't you know you were inviting trouble by combining them, or letting them combine?

There is a group of young men in the hotel across the road from here. I think they are playing some kind of game, because periodically their voices are raised in unintelligible shouts. It does not sound violent or menacing; it has that quality of arrogance, of being obnoxious and over-confident and completely unconscious of irritation, that comes of too much testosterone and not enough maturity.

At any rate, it's very annoying. I've half a mind to step out into my yard and yell "SHUT UP!" for surely if I can hear them, they will hear me. But they (probably) aren't breaking any laws, and they're just silly enough not to care for my puny opinion.

So anyway, God, if you'd care to convert me, just be a good chap and strike 'em down, eh?


Ok... Chris-inspired, I'm going to attempt to write a sentence or two.

Ellie is standing up now, by pulling herself up on the side of the cot. She is also crawling really well.

Now, the last week or so I have actually done stuff, yay, so here it is...

On Friday 26th March, Aidan and Ellie and I drove all the way from Canberra to Rye (almost 800km, or about 470 miles) to go to a friend's wedding on Saturday. Dedication, huh? It was a really nice wedding on the beach, although Ellie grumped a little bit. She slept through the reception in the groom's mother's spare bedroom. Lots of fun was had by all, especially the best man who appeared to adopt some little kid who looked exactly like him.

On Sunday we started back for Canberra - except my parents convinced me to stay with them with Ellie while Aidan went on home. Aidan had to work, and my parents were going to Canberra later anyway, so he went on and us girls stayed in Euroa. It was really nice; my dad is a hugely doting grandparent, and mum little less so! So it was nice and peaceful and we all had lots of fun.

Then we all came up to Canberra because dad was sailing in a model boat regatta. Yay! So mum and dad stayed here for a couple of days for that, and then went home.

And now it's just me and Aidan and Ellie again. She has a slight cold and is a bit miserable. Aidan's been sick too, and I think I'm getting it now as well.