Tuesday, April 22, 2003

I've just uploaded a picture of my best friend Sandra and her sister Danielle, one of my few friends who spend little or no time online (as opposed to the rest of my friends who spend most of their time there), so I don't see her very often. It's a pity, but whenever I have an excuse to head down Euroa way I make an effort to see her. She lives in Seymour which is fairly close - by Australian bush standards, anyway - only about half an hour's drive.
Sandra is two days older than me, so we are both pisces. This is where the Zodiac falls down, as you couldn't find two people less alike than Sandi and I! When we met in early highschool, she was tough, a loner, violent, and feared. I was weak, shy, and the lowest in the pecking order! We have eached changed each other, I believe, over the last eight years or so; she has mellowed a little, while I have found confidence. Odd, how people change and you don't notice until you look back...

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