Thursday, July 19, 2007

Well, the weekend was lots of fun and I'm not yet sick of Harry Potter. I'm still hanging out for the book this Saturday - We have it on pre-order, so I'll be lining up outside the bookshop waiting for it to open...!!! I think Harry's going to die, so I'm going to buy a big box of tissues before I even start reading!

We saw my parents on Sunday, and we're seeing Aidan's parents tonight. It turns out that our fathers' birthdays are within days of each other, which is just another eerie similarity in the lives of Aidan and myself.

I've started to make jewellery. Nothing fancy or flash, just little simple creations of wire and beads, but it's fun. I'm thinking of trying to do an apprenticeship and becoming a real jeweller, but it's still just a grub of an idea so far.

Anywho, some of us have got to get to work... Take care!


Aidan said...

The earings you made mum are awesome:)

So proud of you baby, all my efforts look like crudely bent pieces of wire, Jewellery that looks like picassos fence. Probably not a market:)

Menchie said...

A friend of mine also makes jewelry and she's got a good thing going. I buy most of my stuff from her.

I will be at the bookstore at 7am on Saturday to get the HP book. Still haven't seen the movie. Darn!

lee said...

That sounds a lovely idea, stace. I'm not a person who wears much in the way of jewellery, but admire it on other people. It really is an art form-it would be fantastic to be able to make money from something you enjoy doing.Come to think of it, recently spent(a whole) $7.00(back from $15.00) on a beaded..thing...bracelet thingo -anyway, it's a continous piece of wire that goes around 3 or 4 times -will scan and post it one day and let you know so you can see it -it wouldn't be too tricky to make and looks lovely on.

lee said...

I put it up today, stace -have a look one day when you get a minute.

Cazzie!!! said...

How cool, making jewellry, I like it !!