Friday, April 11, 2008

Hello! Apologies for my recent blog-silence, but time and opportunity have not presented themselves too often! Just a quick one with a news update:

I'm still alive.

We have somewhere to live, we move in on Tuesday!!! Rent in this city is insane, it's almost double what we used to pay in Melbourne... I actually earn less than we pay in rent right now, so thank god I'm not single and my husband is on the gravy train!

Work is going quite well, it's not rocket science but it suits me and my tendency to organise other people. (I rarely organise myself.) The people are really nice, which I always think is one of the most important things about a workplace, so I can probably say that I've made some friends too.

Aidan and I both have contact lenses now! Glasses are a thing of the past. They're a little weird to get used to, but I like them. It will be a lot more comfortable to wear a helmet now, when I start riding my scooter again. (She's locked in a garage now, Aidan has the only key so I can't get her out!)

My boss has allowed me to continue my habit of dying my hair insane colours. So my hair is bright purple again, I've always thought purple hair suits me the best.

One of my colleagues is a gilder by trade - he puts gold on things. So he gilded one of my fingernails the other day! Photos will follow when I have my own computer back. It looked really cool.

I think that is about all my news for now... I will keep you all updated on the move once everything is up and running!

Take care!


Menchie said...

Glad things are working out with the living arrangements and everything Stace.

I'd love to see you with purple hair!

Please send my regards to Aidan. :D

Donnnn said...


I am so glad that the universe is unfolding as it should.

Purple hair and a gold are totally rad..I suppose that it's not kewl to say rad anymore is it.

OK let's see...howbout Sick! You are Sick!

You had better tell me what the new phrase for happening is downunda.

Anonymous said...


Can he gild my face??

(I have a spot epidemic. When do these things pack up and go away??)

Glad to hear everything is sorting itself out nicely. Rent is annoying - my cousin pays £35/week INCLUDING WATER just because she lives in Derby where no body else wants to live. The cheek of it >:(

Donnnnnnnnn - we now describe everything that is 'rad', 'sick' or 'wicked' as HOT, FIT or, if you're Welsh, LUSH. I blame those losers at One Tree Hilllllll....

Andrew said...

Glad to hear that you are still alive. And that everything is going fine (apart from the amount of rent).

Aussie expresions 101
Its not rocket surgery OR Its not brain science


Cazzie!!! said...

Yayyy purple hair!!!

Lletna said...

Thanks for the telling society you are alive!

I heard rent was expensive in Canberra!

Aidan sounded so excited about work the other day!

Hilary said...

Gold nails are one thing.. but purple hair.. that I'd love to see.. please? :)