Friday, December 05, 2008

I've found my newest hero. Ron Williams, of Toowoomba in Queensland, is violently opposing religion in state schools, and I think it's about time somebody did what he is doing. Anything related to religion should be either removed from non-religious schools, or made very clear to the children that it is myth, untrue, just like Santa and the Tooth Fairy. Ron Williams, should you ever come across this blog entry - I admire you, and I hope that your actions will mean that by the time my fetus is going to school, some worthwhile changes will have been made!


Cazzie!!! said...

My husband also though the same thing as you Stace. At my children's school, they make you pay if you want yor children to learn about religion...RE, extra on top of their usual curriculum too. Guess who did not pay for it and told them it is a state school and for that reason I do not wish my children to be fed crap by someone who is bought in extra to do it.?!!
Mother Outlaw wanted the kids to go to a catholic school, that neve helped her 5 kids and well, it was not about to happen to mine...ahh, end of rant.
So, we concur on it Stace.

Frank Baron said...

Stace, I love you - but I can't scrub the image of a fetus lugging books and a lunch box onto a school bus out of my brain.


Stace said...

Cazzie - Aidan wants to send our kid/s to a catholic school... purely because he believes it gives a better all-round education. He went to a catholic school, and it didn't seem to have hurt him too much... hehe I guess as long as we can teach the kid logic at home!! :)

Frank - you're a worry :)

Anonymous said...

Erm, I don't know quite how to express quite how much I disagree. Yes, no proselytizing outside of religious schools, but religion must be part of any school curriculum simply because it exists and it is important, even if it is not true. And you can teach religions in a way that neither promotes nor discards its validity. There is no need, in my opinion, to actively persuade school children that religion is a myth - this is a kind of religious brain-wash in itself, the forcing of one world view down the throats of children to the detriment of all other ways of understanding the world.

Banning religious studies from school is like banning the study of nazism. Just because it is not true doesn't mean it can be ignored.

Stace said...

You make a good point, fathorse. If they could/would teach religion as part of, say, history or social studies, that would be worthy.