Thursday, October 22, 2009

Things that make me hate the world:

A man threw his daughter off a bridge, and will probably be acquitted or get off lightly on mental health grounds.

Kids are bullied to the point of suicide.

A woman is murdered, and people who aren't even suspects won't come forward to assist police.

Doctors rape their patients in shocking abuses of trust.

Alcohol related violence is on the rise.

And this is just today's Fairfax news; I haven't looked at world news or any other news sources today. I want to become a vigilante and just shoot the deserving in the head. Do you think I'd look good in PVC?


Cazzie!!! said...

Definately Stace... and I would second you there. I have ceased looking at the news, and as you and Aiden know, living the news is never much fun.
Looking at the movies of little Ellie..giggling and happy, that is what matters she is growing! Oh my!!

Althea said...

Stace! YES I do the whole tea/water thing too when I have chocolate, but sometimes, there is just no amount of water/tea that will keep my skin happy...especially when I have that much chocolate... :(

Donn w/2nz said...

I'm all-for mass sterilization for at the very least 2 generations.
During that time I propose constructing 5 times the present number of insane asylums and making prisons factories where violent asshats have to work instead of earning degrees, watching movies or workin out at the gym.

If extraterrestrials ever monitored our news, they'd have no idea that perhaps half of us are excruciatingly "normal".

Frank Baron said...

Somebody's due for an update.... :)