Saturday, February 06, 2010

Initial impression from the sonographer yesterday is that Ellie's hip is "slightly immature" but that's nothing to worry about. Still waiting on the final report from the doctor who reviews the ultrasound images, we'll have that on Monday. Should be fine.

I have been ultra-efficient mum today. I got up at 7am, fed and changed Ellie, put a load of washing on, and a load of dishes in the dishwasher. Went shopping, put Ellie back down for her nap, then finally had breakfast. After Ellie's nap, she had elevenses and a bath, and lots of playtime, and I've put another load of washing in the machine. I also made a start on dinner before realising that we're going out tonight and not eating at home!

Also, somewhere in there, I squeezed in a teensy weensy nap for myself. Not for the first time, I wondered why they're called "nanna naps" when mummas take them too! Then I had a coffee, really strong, with sugar, and now my leg keeps twitching. Related, maybe?? I don't usually drink coffee; I only started fairly recently specifically to keep myself awake and not because I actually like it. I hate it, which is why I put sugar in it.


Jewel said...

Love the picture of Elspeth! She is getting so big!! :-) She is just adorable, Stace!
And...what is "elevenses". I've never heard that before.

Andrew said...

Lovely photos. Good luck with the hip. Don't drink coffee if you don't like it, you will only get hooked. Does tea keep you awake?

Menchie said...

Glad that it wasn't serious. ANd yes, what is elevenses?

Elspeth is adorable...and big! I think she's bigger than Lucia. :D

Cazzie!!! said...

Great news Stace..phew!
Look at little Ellie waiting to be served there..what a big girl sitting up :)

WithinWithout said...

Hi Mum; I would advise staying OFF coffee if possible. Ask your doc. Toomuch anyway. What a beautiful girl!

Stace said...

Elevenses!! It's like morning tea. A meal at 11am. Or thereabouts. :)

Andrew said...

Is this the correct order of meals?
Morning Tea
Afternoon Tea
I think I've forgotten something...

Althea said...

Awww :) So cute :D

Stace said...

I can't remember, Andrew... remembering would involve me going to look for the book, finding the book, reading the book, coming back here... blergh. Ditto for the movie... hehe I don't think it matters that much :)