Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bloody Stupid Advertising

Take a look at this bus station ad which I photographed myself this morning.

"Life's better connected."

What does that even mean? You can't use a comparative term without giving something to be compared. Life's better connected than an unlikely shimmering silver sphere? Even if it were a complete sentence, it still wouldn't mean anything, and would certainly have no relevance to a car!

Advertising these days gives me the shits. So much of it seems meaningless, pointless, stupid. Are consumers so mindless that we buy into this rubbish? Do empty buzzwords really sell products? I guess they must.

I find this style of advertising somewhat insulting. Clearly the people behind the product do not expect me to have the will or the capacity to question the ad. Instead I'm supposed to go, "Wow, that is so true, life IS better connected!" or something. I also find it disappointing that this style of advertising actually does work - it has to, or they'd stop doing it. In other words, I am upset that
a) they expect me to be stupid, and
b) other people obviously are.


Cazzie!!! said...

What I also cannot stand, is the advertising on the back of buses in Melbourne. As I drive home from my night shift through Nth Melbourne, I usually end up behind the 402 that takes passengers to the station from our work. Some of the advertisements are insulting to the mind... some are so sexual in nature, I wonder what other people think about it too.

Andrew said...

Advertising has became increasingly annoying and non-relevant, and car adds are the worst.