Saturday, March 29, 2003

There's a lot of guff going around about this Andrew Carlssin guy who supposedly travelled back in time with wonderful knowledge of today's stock markets to turn $800 into $350 million. I've seen a couple of people say "Wouldn't he have already known he'd get caught?" Think about it people... (completely hypothetically) in his personal timeline, the events haven't happened yet. He is changing history and he is performing these actions for the first time. How could he possibly know he'd get caught? Perhaps if he'd travelled first to a time just after he got caught for it, and then back further to actually do it, then he'd know. But of course in that case he wouldn't actually have done it yet so he wouldn't be caught for it. Yes, it's confusing. But the theory that he would have known he'd get caught is just silly and un-thought-through. Honestly people... even if you must be closed-minded and realistic about it, try to be intelligent!

Oh, and the other thing of course is that "Nobody called Andrew Carlssin seems to have existed before December 2002"... well, for a start, is that his real name? Prove it! And who said that anyway? What are the sources? Sounds like hype to me ;)

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