Saturday, March 29, 2003

There's a lot of guff going around about this Andrew Carlssin guy who supposedly travelled back in time with wonderful knowledge of today's stock markets to turn $800 into $350 million. I've seen a couple of people say "Wouldn't he have already known he'd get caught?" Think about it people... (completely hypothetically) in his personal timeline, the events haven't happened yet. He is changing history and he is performing these actions for the first time. How could he possibly know he'd get caught? Perhaps if he'd travelled first to a time just after he got caught for it, and then back further to actually do it, then he'd know. But of course in that case he wouldn't actually have done it yet so he wouldn't be caught for it. Yes, it's confusing. But the theory that he would have known he'd get caught is just silly and un-thought-through. Honestly people... even if you must be closed-minded and realistic about it, try to be intelligent!

Oh, and the other thing of course is that "Nobody called Andrew Carlssin seems to have existed before December 2002"... well, for a start, is that his real name? Prove it! And who said that anyway? What are the sources? Sounds like hype to me ;)
I feel lazy... but we need to clean! My parents and brother are coming round tomorrow, and the place is more than a mess - it's absolutely disgusting!

Friday, March 28, 2003

Finally got it working! How odd, but how incredibly simple. One of those things so obvious you don't think of it!
Hmmm why is this not working... I think it has to do with changing ISP's and therefore changing FTP upload info with Blogger... Let me fiddle...
Ok, settled, happy, busy, tired. Phew. We haven't really had the computers set up right for a while (including net access for my computer, is what I mean), which is why it's been soooo long. Also I haven't had so much time to kill! You know how it is... get up, go to work, come home and sleep! But things are getting a bit more organised and structured now, so it's more like... get up, go to work, get home, jump on computer, eat pretzels, sleep! Much like it used to be, except for the work bit.

Living with Dave has gotten better, I'm getting used to the idea that we can be in different rooms but not be "apart"! But the computers are in the same room, so most of the time we're still in the same room anyway!


Wednesday, March 19, 2003

I know I haven't updated this for a while, I'm terribly sorry. I haven't time. Or inclination. Or subject matter. The only reason I'm writing now is because I'm bored, lonely, and depressed. So much for "living together", I feel like I'm alone. I guess I've gotten so used to being stuck in one room with Dave, being in different rooms feels like isolation and separation.

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

w00t!!! We are saved!! We applied for, and got, the unit down the road (the below-mentioned [Saturday, February 22, 2003] "second place we looked at"), which is nicer (but slightly smaller and one bedroom less) than the "first place". Anyway, I've uploaded a few of Dave's pics (104kb) in the form of a zip file - if you don't have WinZip, WinRar (or whatever it's called) should do.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

i'm sposed to be moving in with dave this weekend. this afternoon, however, we got a call saying that OUR HOUSE (!!!!) is not our house anymore, the lease has been cancelled... the landlord came back from "overseas" unexpectedly and wants to live in the place. so, i have to be out of my current apartment in about a week, and i've got nowhere to go. dave lives with his dad, that's fine for him, but not enough room for me (and i'd have to drive to work from there anyway, i can't drive and don't have a car anyway)... so i'm fucked.

Sunday, March 09, 2003

Well, yesterday I turned 20. I don't feel any different. Not that I thought I would.

Thursday, March 06, 2003

Happy birthday Sandi!!! What's it like being 20? No, don't tell me, I'll find out for myself in two days! :)

Sunday, March 02, 2003

Are you insane?! Take the Insanity Test and find out!
*sigh* I hate how cleaning up creates more mess in the process! And of course, this "cleanup" is going to take about two weeks, so I now have two weeks of living in unordered mess. I'm used to ordered mess!
Latest Update: Google search engine added down the bottom! It might be moved someday, to the dark blue section on the right along with the WebRing link and Blogger button. We'll see what happens - that is to say, I'll see if I can someday be bothered with it!

Saturday, March 01, 2003

Today's been a bit of a shock. It's so chilly! Rain and whatnot. It's the first day this year that isn't summer, and it feels like it! It's only 11 degrees Celcius (that's 52 degrees Fahrenheit). How I love Online Conversion. :)

After much reading, I have come to the conclusion that the only god of thunder ever created was by the Norse mythology, which came up with Thor. I can't find any equivilant in Roman or Greek mythology, which is disappointing to my argument that much loud thunder is in fact caused by the thunder gods playing "My hammer is bigger than your hammer".
Signed the lease this morning! No backing out now, not that I'd want to. We went and had another quick look at the place too, it's still the same, surprise surprise! So, this weekend is supposed to be the "cleaning up and throwing out" weekend. We shall see! Knowing me, it may very well become the "sitting on my bum and chatting online" weekend... just like every other weekend. :)

Work's going pretty good, I haven't made any major stuff-ups and nobody seems to hate me yet! It's still kind of odd to actually have a fulltime job, though. To know that I won't be going back to my old lazy ways in two weeks time - that, in fact, I'm stuck with this for a long long time! But that's ok, for now. Perhaps later on in life I might think of something I actually want to do with myself, until then I'm sure administration will be fine.

There's an awful lot of empty alcohol bottles on top of my fishtank. Every time I knock the desk, they rattle together rather alarmingly. Ah well, I don't think the fish care too much. I wonder what we'll do with the fish when we move? I'm not sure I can be bothered keeping them, and anyway I don't know where we'd put them in the new place. I wonder if Cossack wants fish...