Wednesday, February 18, 2004

I had an incredibly weird dream last night. One of my highschool teachers, Mr Neil Devanney, locked me inside a small box in sombody's front yard in Nunawading. It was in the evening, and everything was dark, but I could still see quite well. When my alarm went off to wake me up, I still thought it was night, so I thought it was my 10pm alarm reminding me to take the pill. The last bit of the dream I remember before waking up is yelling "If I get pregnant, it's your fault!" to Mr Devanney, because I couldn't take the pill while I was in the box.

The night before last I dreamed about a big black spider. My mother was there, she had a sharpened stick and she kind of harpooned the spider on it. Stuck that stick right through it's fat, bulbous gut.

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