Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Ok, I've been tagged by Jewel to do something called a meme. This has never happened to me before, so lets see how I do:

8 Random Things About Me
    I drink my tea strong and black and with no sugar. This gave waiters in English cafes heart attacks while we were over there.

    It was in Rome that I originally fell in love with scooters - over 18 months ago, and I finally went and paid for mine today and it will be delivered tomorrow!

    Aidan says I'm cute.

    I still want Hagrid to knock down my door, tell me I'm a witch, and bring me to Hogwarts. Either that, or some old friend of my father could tell me I'm a Jedi Knight.

    I wear hiking boots almost everywhere, including to work.

    Every time I see a giraffe I think of my mother. She collects them - statues, pictures, clothing, you name it.

    I can't stand using a damp towel. It can't dry me if it isn't completely dry!!!

    I like Marilyn Manson and Emmylou Harris. Can you get any more eclectic?

Ok, now I'm meant to give the names of 8 more people to post 8 Random Things About Them. Aidan, Within Without, and I really can't think of anybody else who would actually do this! How about I tag everybody, and then you can all do it if you want?!


Menchie said...

I know. I want to be a witch too.

Or a vampire slayer.


Within Without said...

And how often do you see giraffes, generally? Hey -- you can't use "Aidan thinks I'm cute" as one of your 8 random things!

I did the meme at your request, Stace. :-)