Saturday, August 04, 2007

This is about to be my scooter! My father-in-law procured it and got an extremely good price for me, through his numerous (seemingly never-ending) contacts! Is there anything this man can't do? I'm so excited! I'm going to be a scooterer! Now I just need a helmet and gloves and some practice, yay!

I was looking at finance options last night, and I couldn't believe it: my credit card has a better interest rate than any loan I could get from anybody. To get a decent interest rate on a personal loan, you've got to borrow about $30,000. No good, I only wanted to borrow about $3000, and nobody gives a good rate on low loans! Who'd have thought that a credit card would turn out cheaper?!

Anyways, I'm really hungry. I just got back from my jog - I didn't do so well this morning, I had to stop to tie a shoelace near the end and I just couldn't start jogging again after that. So I walked about 200m further than usual. I've got to find something to eat.


Cazzie!!! said...

Ohhhh it is sooo YOU!! I love it the jewellry making going?

Jewel said...

Love the red! My favorite color! Yes, I know about the interest rates being lower on credit cards. Our son and his wife opted to do the credit card loan, but you have to watch these because they change after a time and you may need to transfer your balance to a new card with a lower rate from time to time! Good luck! *smile*

homo escapeons said...

"You never see a jogger smile!"
I have taught all of my children this universal truth. Endorphins Scmendorphins if it's so bloody fun how come joggers always look like they are one step away from being forced to watch Gigli for the rest of eternity?!

I'm just jealous my knees wouldn't let me run that far and besides I was a Sprinter in my schooldays..yup built for speed and not for comfort...well that has sort of changed over the years.

Good for you.
LOVE the Scooter!

Stace said...

Cazzie - after not a single item sold on Ebay, I sort of lost interest! Like every other creative thing I try (singing, painting, etc) I turned out to be mediocre at it and lost interest before getting enough practice to become good at it! There's a song which goes for seven seconds called Short Attention Span: "Why can't people understand, I got a short attention span, short attention span!" That song could have been written for me!!!

Jewel - red in a bike/scooter is good, because it's visible! I would have liked black, but red is just more sensible on the road :)

HE - joggers smile at other joggers! It's kind of an acknowledgement of a shared suffering, I suppose!

Within Without said...

First, I think HE's full of shit. He's built like a brick shithouse. How could he ever sprint?

It's amazing to me, Stace, that you could find a better interest rate on your credit card than through a bank loan.

That certainly isn't the case in Canada. The going rate for regular credit cards is 24 per cent, although you can get a basic no-frills rate for about nine-11 per cent.

There's also a credit line, of course...

Anyway, congrats on that beautiful new scooter! Like I've said before, get Aidan to shoot some pix of you on it!

Stace said...

WW - my credit card rate is 12.99%. To borrow the same amount as my credit limit, I would get an interest rate of approximately 20% or more.

You'll see the pics as soon as I have them!

Menchie said...

It's gorgeous! If I were to choose a color, that would be it. Can't wait to see pics of you on it!

lee said...

"scooterer" -is that an official term? :). Riding your scooter will be much more fun than jogging!;).