Friday, July 11, 2008

My last couple of posts have been a little negative, a little unhappy. But things are on the up and up. Especially as, this afternoon, Andrew and Chantell are coming to visit for the weekend!! Yay! I miss those guys. It should be a fun weekend!

Also Canberra's weather has improved slightly. I mean, it's still freezing cold (it's nearly midday and the temperature hasn't risen above 6 degrees) but at least the sun is shining so it looks nice! Sitting in the office with both heaters going, I can almost convince myself it's summer. Almost. As long as I don't think about the dire warnings from locals that it'll get a heck of a lot colder before it gets warmer!

On that note, it's lunch time. I already had a hot dog, but it was so nice I'm going to get another.


elizabeth said...

Cold. You'd think I'd be happy that it's gone - but it's been so hot here I've actually missed the snow... ;-)

Jewel said...

We are on opposite sides of the weather spectrum, Stace! It is hot and terribly humid here, though today has offered a bit of a break from the humidity. Give me spring or fall! *smile* (Are we ever satisfied?) Have a wonderful weekend with your friends!!! I'm so happy you're getting to spend time with them!