Tuesday, July 08, 2008

To my dear Mr Anonymous who seems to have something against me,

I don't know who you are, or what you think I've done to you, but lets get a couple of things cleared up.

Firstly, the deleted comments on the post below.
Comment 1 - your first post, deleted by me in the interests of maintaining harmony and discouraging random anonymous weirdos.
Comment 2 - I deleted my own comment replying to you, before deciding to delete yours.
Comment 3 - Lletna deleted and re-posted because she missed a few words, as per her existing comment.

Secondly, the matter of my "fans". No, I don't have fans. I don't want fans. Fans would be, by definition, fanatic, and that would piss me off even more than you do. I know who my friends are, and I go for quality over quantity. You don't have any quality, as clearly demonstrated by your cowardly anonymity.

I don't mind people disagreeing with me or disliking me. You have that right. But doing so anonymously on my blog is the virtual equivalent of cutting letters out of newspapers to make notes and shoving them under my door. Do the right thing and send me a nice letter through the post with your name and address like a normal person.

Yours sincerely,



Andrew said...

I like disagreeing with you. A good well structured argument can be a lot of fun. Also airconditioners work better. Take care and goodluck for the money thing. Dinner on Friday my shout.

Stace said...

You're exactly right, Andrew! Well-structured. Logical. More debate than argument, really. No problem with that. I got paid, by the way :) And dinner is... well, ok, you can get Friday, but we're feeding you for the rest of the weekend :) My logical argument for that is "because I want to".

Donnnnn said...

My Word!
I see that you have anonymice scurrying about the cyberfloor nibbling on crumbs and leaving their droppings.

You need to get some sticky traps, they work, or the expensive poison.
Bloody nuisance.

Did you know that anonymice (and real mice) are nearly blind and they need to follow their little pee trails along the walls.

Menchie said...

Well said Stace! I really don't understand haters who hide behind venomous comments. People always have a choice to read or not to read blogs. No need to leave nasty comments.

Stace said...

Donn - I did not know that mice are blind. Fascinating! I always thought "Three Blind Mice" was just a silly little song. I have a couple of ideas on who my anonymouse might be, but I'm not sure. Could be anybody, really, maybe somebody I don't even know. It doesn't matter anyway, my reaction would be the same regardless of who it was.

Menchie - Like I said, I don't mind disagreement or dislike. Even if you choose to read a blog and express your dislike, that's fine. But petty nastiness like this, and anonymously... pfft. Irritating.

Anonymous said...

Logic. What do they teach them at these schools? - My fav line from the BBC mini-series of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.
Yay, glad to hear you got paid.