Monday, August 18, 2008

I am feeling a very great need to vent about my boss. Are you ready? Go!

She lies, both directly and by omission, to myself and to customers. She also expects me to lie to customers, or, as she put it, "Be careful what you say". This, incidentally, was in response to me telling a customer the truth about the status and location of her own item. I think this customer had every right to know that something valuable belonging to her was no longer in our care.

She never keeps me informed. I hear from our solicitor of changes to scheduling, or that she won't be at work today, and generally I hear too late to be of any use. Last week I was under the impression she was attending appointments interstate, as I had arranged for her previously. I was told, by the solicitor, hours after the appointments, that she was ill and had stayed home. So I had to call the other party and apologise, and make both myself and the company look bad. And today, again, our solicitor has informed me (at 10.30, after I've been here since 9am) that she has appointments and won't be in the office today at all.

She repeatedly fails to pay me on time. Her absence today will mean she won't process my pay as she's supposed to, so it will be at least one day late - probably several days, knowing her memory.

Her responses to queries are incomplete or irrelevant. As she's been out of the office so much lately, my correspondence with her has predominantly been via email. Her answers to my emails frequently do not answer the question I asked, or imply that there was no need to ask it. I would not be emailing her if she'd left the information for me as she claimed she had.

She appears to forget that I am now her only staff member left in this office. One guy got fired a while back, the other is in hospital. So, if somebody calls trying to contact her, I'm the only one to take that phone call. I need to know when she'll be available, I need to know how to contact her; there is nobody else to assist me or deal with urgent queries. I continually have to tell people "She's not in the office, can I take a message and have her call you? Oh, I don't know when!"

Is that enough? As much as I like her as a person, and have some great conversations with her, and get along with her very well on a personal level... she's a bloody awful manager!!!


Andrew said...

Its good to have a good rant every now and then. Your boss does sound like a bloody awful manager.

I wouldn't be able to lie to customers again and again, I think you are right regarding telling the custormers the correct thing.

Is the solicitor a nice person?

Stace said...

The solicitor, I'm sure, does his best, he's certainly never been anything but nice to me... but it must be said that he plays his part in the overall deception surrounding this company.

You know, I just found out by accident that we have (or had, at some point) an office in Thailand. Nobody's ever mentioned this... weird...

Anonymous said...

Kick her. People like that make me sick. My old supervisor was the grumpiest, stressiest, bitchiest git of a woman who didn't get on with management (who are the loveliest people in the world) and tried to turn us against them (spectacularly unsuccessfully, I might add), spent her entire time freaking out and running around to make sure other people did their job without EVER once doing her own job properly. It's not a tough job. IT's not life or death if it goes wrong. On her last day we went out for a party, and she went home. Harsh, but fair.

Keshi said...

Stace Im sorry to hear abt ur rather AWFUL manager :(

tell her that, cant ya?

btw come n read my 'gratitude' post to Aus :)


Cazzie!!! said...

Good for you for having a vent, I'd say all those same things, and ad a few swear words in too!
I always say, you can't truly dislike a person but you can dislike the things they do.

Donnnnn said...

When you finally take matters into your own hands make sure that the remains are scattered and that the finger nails, teeth, and jewellry are removed.
A murder in Sydney was solved because of identifying marks found on the remains in a shark's stomach.
Get creative.

Stace said...

Thank you all for your kind words of support and advice... especially Donn! :)