Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ok, I haven’t blogged in a while. Again. There are several reasons for this. Donnnnnnnn, firstly, was correct: I have indeed been traipsing. Geocaching is teh uber fun, and takes up most of the daylight hours that I’m not working. Yes, I’m working. My temp assignment has been sort of extended – I’m still at the same company, in a different area of the business, until at least the first week of November. Yay!

Also, Aidan and I spent last weekend in Sydney! Neither of us had been there in years, and never together, so we spent a very nice weekend wandering the city (being in a city again, yay!!!!), geocaching, and generally having a good time. I’m blogging from work right now, so I don’t have photos, but I’ll put ‘em up later if I remember. It was wonderful to be out of Canberra, to be together, to be away from distractions like books and computers, and just “BE”, you know? We really haven’t been able to do that in a long time.

For anybody in Sydney reading this, I do apologise we didn't inform you and try to catch up, but we really just wanted some "couple-time", so maybe next time :)

Aidan has this weekend off too, so we're thinking of going away again, or at least spending as much time as possible out of the house and together. Fancy that - time together! It's something of a rarity these days.

So anyway, I'm at work now. Almost everybody is in a meeting, but the few temps don't go to meetings, so it's really quiet in here right now. The guy who's meant to be training me isn't here today, and wasn't yesterday either, so I really don't know what I'm meant to be doing... I've taken a few guesses, and done some stuff, but for all I know I'll have to undo it when he gets back!

And that's the news. All the news that's new and approved!


Andrew said...

Hi Stace. Who approved the News? Sounds like you have been having fun and a good time which is (probably) more important than blogging.
Take care

Ponygirl said...

Stace, sounds like you're having great fun with the geocaching. And getting to do it with your honey is even better! Time together and away from the rest of life is time well spent.

Nice that the job is lingering - even if you don't know what you supposed to do. Might get brownie points for winging it!

Cazzie!!! said...

Awesome Stace, I so want to have a weekend alone with my hubby too. Like has been so busy and our wedding anniversary was yesterday..13 years we have been married now!

Winky Weinerhead said...

I want to hear about the news that WASN'T approved!

And be a good girl and post the pix of you and Aidan from Sydney. Pretty please.

As for geocaching, I can barely make it to my fridge. I think I need an apartment GPS.

Stace said...

Andrew - I approved the news! I could probably find some unapproved news, but my self-regulation would prohibit me publishing said news ;)

Ponygirl - I hadn't thought of it like that... "brownie points for winging it"... I guess it depends how much I've screwed up ;)

Cazzie - shift-work for one or both partners makes it tough. Congratulations on your 13th anniversary! :)

WW - GPS doesn't work indoors, sorry mate ;)

elizabeth said...

I want the rest of the news too!

Andrew said...

Happy hiking

Donn Coppens said...

Well that sounds delightful.
Did you enjoy traipsing about's huge isn't it?

What is the hipsterslang term for Geocaching..that is seriously too long of a word..c'mon, people your age only use contractions and slang..what do you call it?