Thursday, November 27, 2008

Well well well, what a surprise. Australia's biggest outdoor advertising agency has refused to display ads for the Australian Atheist Foundation. Christian organisations get to advertise, why can't the Atheists? Is this not making sense to anybody else? Naturally I'd like to hear the other side of the story: this article is all from the point of view of the Atheists. But the advertising agency has so far been unavailable for comment regarding the refusal. Interesting, ja?


bernthis said...

I agree. I'm so tired of being told that because I'm not a good Christian or worse yet, A Jew (which is what I am, by culture only BTW), that I am not fully human.

I think we had the same thing going on here recently.

Stace said...

Hi Bernthis, thanks for stopping by. I'm with you - I don't get why people of certain cultures/religions can't accept the views and lifestyles of others. I find atheists on the whole to be MORE accepting, kind, loving, etc - you know, all the "Christian" values! hehe

Common Tater said...

That's all the righteous indignation that I can muster at the moment because out in the middle of f*cking nowhere trying to figure out TWITTER.

I suck at Facebook and if blogging doesn't work out I figure that TWITTERING is the next best fad..I'm hooked up to John Cleese!

OK focus...

well it's not really that surprising is it? I mean if there isn't a God then who the hell can we blame and beg? The Government would rather have everyone pestering God than them..makes perfect sense to me.

How are you feeling..awesome? Rub some lotion on that belly!