Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fifteen weeks and three days

I'm looking a bit pregnant now, the tummy's starting to "pop" fairly noticeably - and it's not because I eat too much! I still haven't really started gaining weight (I've actually lost about 4 kgs since before falling pregnant), but I'm eating quite well and I'm confident that I'll be putting on the healthy baby weight pretty soon. I'm supposed to be seeing the midwife for the first time next week, but the clinic is unbelievably busy and booked out, so I couldn't get an appointment for another two weeks or so. No big deal, I guess, but there's something comforting about being looked at by a professional and being told everything is going well! I'll just have to wait.

Apparently Bean is hiccupping quite a bit right about now, and I should start to feel it move in the next few weeks. It's about 11 cm long, and all the joints and limbs are fully formed.

I can't wait until we know whether it's a boy or a girl - then we can start buying and preparing properly, and also call it a proper name instead of Bean!!!

(This is at about 13 weeks)


Ponita said...

It would appear that Bean is sticking its tongue out!

Glad all is well, Stace and that you feel so good.

Stace said...

What a rude baby! I guess it takes after it's mother :) hehe

Jewel said...

I'm so glad to hear that your pregnancy is going well, Stace. Please give Aidan my best and I continue to pray that all goes well for you and Bean! ((HUGS))

Althea said...

Awww so cute :)

Frank Baron said...

Whaddaya mean improper? I think "Bean" is a fine name, and, as a bonus, gender-neutral as well. :)

Continue to take care of yourself Stace. Looking forward to further reports.

Cazzie!!! said...

OMG, this pregnancy is going so fast Stace :) The bean looks gorgeous already :)