Saturday, January 31, 2009

A post or two ago I mentioned my eczema, and my hopes of curing it without resorting to icky chemicals and hormones like cortisone. Above is a photo taken just after that blog post - whilst it is clearly still red and irritated, it's no longer open or weeping the way it was before.

And here it is this morning - little more than a couple of patches of dried skin, which moisturising should fix up in no time.

So there you have it folks... salt water to kill of infection, a complete lack of scratching (achieved by covering it 24/7 if necessary), and a good moisturiser.


Homo Escapeons said...

Oh crap..there are a couple of eczema sufferers in my household..not very pleasant.
I'm curious..we pronounce it eck-zuh-ma but the Merkins say exZEEEma..
how do you say it downunda?

Stace said...

Exma :)

TheManOfNotts said...

Nice! Taking the suggestion on board. Wifey is the same and funnily enough its right near her weddingy finger also. She's tried all kinds o stuff. She has something called Betnovate at the moment. It aint working. I'll tell her about the Salt water. MANY THANKS!

Stace said...

Glad to have helped, Notts :) I used to get it really badly on my face, and I tried all the specialised creams and stuff for it, and nothing worked... sometimes it's just stubborn :P

Frank Baron said...

Glad it's getting better. Cute tummy pic too. :)

Ponita said...

Donn, as a medical professional here in Canada, I have always said ekZEEma. Although I have heard a few people say eck-zuh-ma.

To TheManOfNotts: Betnovate (betamethazone) is a powerful steroid. Stronger than cortisone.

Not sure if the docs have changed this, but using steroids while pregnant used to be a no-no.

Glad the salt water and coverings are doing the trick, Stace.

Cazzie!!! said...

I am going to employ this method STAT on my Sarah's eczema that she has right now on her inner elbow and back of knee areas. Ty Stace :)