Friday, May 08, 2009

Hooray, I'm going back to school! Sort of. I've signed on to do a couple of units with Open Universities Australia, as a precursor (hopefully) to proper full-time study next year. I've had to take a bit of a long-term goal and work backwards to reach this point: I want to study linguistics, which limits my choice of university to two, realistically. Either one will look more favourably upon a mature age student who already has a couple of university units under her belt. Applications for university open in August, so I should already have done those units by August. Which meant signing up to begin now! So, if blogs in the near future start rambling about ancient myths and various religions, it's because that's what I'm studying and not because I'm going mad.


Cazzie!!! said...

Awesome Stace, I am so pleased for you. :)

Andrew said...

Congratulations! I like ancient myths and legends, so fire away. Did you know that just outside Pendon there was a very bluddy battle between the Romans and the Acient Britons?

Whatchamacallit Whatchamawho said...

I'd love to hear about ancient myths and stuff like that. And Elspeth will learn it by osmosis.

Poor Aidan, though. He'll have to hear it every morning, day and night. :-)

Good on you, girl.

Stace said...

Thanks Cazzie :)

Andrew - I did not know that, nor did I know that "bluddy" was a word ;)

Chris - Aidan's actually quite interested too, so he'll be able to "help" me! hehe

Andrew said...

Sorry my spelling has been quite horrible. I will do my best to improve my English skills.

Also dont know if Pendon is actually a real town, been acting again I have - I'ts quite traumatic/dramatic.


Cazzie!!! said...

Hope your day has been great Stace.. :)

Moot the Hoopla said...


Nothing better explains our arrested development than the blaming of our shortcomings on supernatural entities. It's amazing what we've come up with..very creative.