Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I dedicate this video to my husband, my brother, and my best friend - all of whom have something in common ;)


Andrew said...

I have never heard Tripod sing Beanpoles. It is an excelent song! I loved it, thankyou. As you know I love Tripod, though I haven't heard them for years and years(that could be a slight exaggeration).

I'm guessing that the thing in common is:
they are all kind and intelligent people who enjoy songs with clever lyrics.

He doesn't hate ya
He's just a freak of nature.


Stace said...

That's exactly what I meant :)

Cazzie!!! said...

LOL, I loved that. They are wonderful, and funny, and well, seems I have a few lovely "bean poles" in my life. One is my Son Tom..he is almost taller than I am already, and my husband is also very tall. Good for me, as they can reach the higher shelves that I cannot, :)

Moot the Hoopla said...

Shades of our Barenaked Ladies and Conchords eh?

One of our strongest primal instincts is to submit to larger creatures. Short people all want to be taller but I've only met a few tall people who wanted to be shorter...most of them were female.

As a species we are getting taller..the average soldier in the American Civil War was 5'5" and now they are 5'10". It's all your gene pool and stuffing those growth plates when you are little..my 7 year old is going to tower over me.

When I was a teen (70s) there were a handful of 6 footers but 80% of my older kid's friends are all 6' and up???

What does it all mean?
It can only mean one thing for our species. The NBA will need to raise the basket to 11 feet because 7 footers are now a dime a dozen.

Rosemary Riveter said...

I love Tripod! Saw them at the Edinburgh Festival yonks ago, and I still laugh when I remember their ode to phlegm.

Andrew said...

Hi Meet the Hoopla,
The Conchords are fantastic - have you seen them Stace? However I would put the Conchords in a different catergory to Tripod, I find Tripod are straighter. Unless I'm getting Conchords confused. I've never seen the Barenaked Ladies.

Hi Stace, that second emoticon has made my irony detector start flashing.