Sunday, September 27, 2009

I had a dream last night. A very bizarre dream, which, unusually for me, I remember in great detail and with clarity.

It went like this.

I left my house alone, leaving Elspeth by herself. This, by the way, I would never actually do. The city I walked out into looked a little like Madrid, and a little like Melbourne, but wasn't either of them. I went to this really odd little shop which sold lots of old-fashioned children's/baby's accessories and furniture, staffed by two older ladies who looked like they'd stepped straight out of Victorian England. They had two very scrawny ugly babies in the shop, and I stayed there for about an hour looking after those babies. God knows why. Finally I realised I should get home to Elspeth, so I left the shop. After I'd left, I realised I was wearing nothing but a dressing gown, and didn't have my wallet, keys, or phone. I was locked out of the house, and I couldn't call Aidan to come home and let me in. So I was running around the streets of this increasingly-Madridesque city desperately seeking a solution, when suddenly I bumped into an old teacher of mine from high school. He didn't seem at all bothered or surprised to see me, even though I was very nearly naked, and he came with me to my house. Together we found a window that I got through somehow, and that was it. Either I woke up, or I just don't remember any more.


Andrew said...

How odd! It is good that you were able to wright it down before it disappeard from your brain.

Thats a very nice photo on you last post, but who are the other two people you are standing with? (heeheehee)

When I was a baby, my mum had to wake me up to feed me. And there is nothing wrong with me... I told Elspeth how to behave and like a good girl she is doing right.


Cazzie!!! said...

That is unreal Stace! Do you think you could draw the place?

Stace said...

Andrew, I often remember weird dreams in the moments after I wake, but they fade very quickly. This one was odd in staying around so long! Glad to hear that Elspeth listened to her Uncle Andrew! :)

Cazzie - if I had the slightest bit of artistic talent, I probably could!