Thursday, November 26, 2009

Upon Aidan's suggestion, I am going to begin documenting the odd things that happen around this apartment. We believe the place is haunted, despite natural skepticism, and here's why...

  • A necklace of mine went missing. I mean really missing. I've had four people search this place from top to bottom with no luck.

  • Other small items have occasionally vanished, usually to be found shortly after asking for it back aloud. (These items are usually found somewhere I've definitely already looked, like where I thought I'd left it in the first place.)

  • A piece of pizza disappeared - I was leaving it for Aidan, but he swears he never ate it, and I know I didn't.

  • A bottle of Elspeth's milk was moved from the living room to the bedroom, and neither Aidan nor I recall doing it.

  • A bottle of baby oil was moved from the bed to the bedside table, ditto. (This was just last night.)

  • At night I often here little tinkly noises just like one of Elspeth's toys with a bell inside it. But Elspeth is asleep in her cot beside me.

  • Aidan and I have both seen a person - or at least the suggestion of a person - in a particular spot in the apartment. I generally see a silhouette out of the corner of my eye, nothing clear or definite, but Aidan says he's seen it directly.

  • These are the things that stick out, which I remember having happened at some point since we've lived here. I will continue to update if anything else weird happens.

    For the record, here are some common "symptoms" of a haunted house that I have not noticed:
    cold patches
    marks on the walls
    objects here that aren't ours
    lights going on and off
    unexplained bloodstains
    discord or animosity in the house

    And another symptom which I'm not sure about is hearing voices, footsteps, and doors opening and closing without explanation. It is sometimes difficult to be sure if certain noises are coming from our place or next door - we are in an apartment block. If I had to guess, I'd say that most of what I hear is from next door, although sometimes at night it really does sound like water running in our bathroom. Not sure on that one, though.

    I have noticed a feeling of being watched, which apparently is common, but I'm going to put that down to paranoia and nervousness induced by the other things.


    Cazzie!!! said...

    Stace, we had it too. Our first hpuse my hubby and I bought was inhabited by an old lady. She did not want to leave. We knw she was watching, you could feel it when she was there. Although she seemed not to be a threat, I spoke to my Aunt who deals with such things. My Aunt lives in Mt Gambier. She told me to light a candle and speak to the lady when I knew she was about..whether I couls see her visualy or not..and I was to tell her that we were binging love and light into the house and that it was okay for her to move on. Well, the old lady did move on. The place got boring then I have to say... until kids came along!
    The thing is, every spirit is different and probably requires different ways/means of conveying what it is you want them to know.
    I am not sure what it is you would you want them to leave? Do you want them to stay? Or do you just want all the games to stop..the hiding of items etc.

    Andrew said...

    Hi Stace, my rather spiritual aunt agrees with Cazzie, tell the ghost nicely to move on, to find the path. Also walnuts! Place a bowl of walnuts on the coffee table (preferably before I visit, I'm not good with ghosts)
    Cheers, A.

    Stace said...

    I have asked it to leave once before; it seemed to go away for a while but now it seems to be back. I'll try again. Thanks :)