Sunday, December 06, 2009

Ok, rant time. If you don't like swear words, don't read this.

What the FUCK makes anybody think they have the right to bash the shit out of somebody?

Where do people get off? What the hell are they thinking?

Some utter wankers in Melboure this morning bashed the crap out of a taxi driver because he wouldn't drive through a red light.

I mean, seriously, what the fuck? The taxi driver was doing his job and obeying the law. So they broke his nose and a car mirror, took back the money they'd pre-paid him, and scrammed.

Where has society gone wrong, that people seem to think this behaviour is ok? What have we done to make it acceptable amongst some groups to be like this?

This sort of thing makes me really angry.

I mean, shit, sometimes I feel like hitting somebody - but I don't! I have restraint and self-control. What is wrong with these people that they can't seem to stop themselves, or maybe they don't want to stop? It's happening more and more these days - not a day goes by that the papers don't have some story like this, and it's really getting to me.

I'm beginning to embrace a very right-wing view of crime and punishment, despite my generally left-wing politics.
Take these people, put 'em up against a wall, and shoot the fuckers.

No more second chances, no more getting out on bail, no more slaps on the wrist for violent crimes.

Fuck up, break the law, and that's it. In the slammer, or in the coffin, what do I care! I've had enough of the cunts. Yes, I said CUNTS! And I meant it.

I want my own country.
I don't want to share a world with these people.
I don't even like to think that we're the same species.


Donn said...

I'm already packing.
When will your country be ready?

Cazzie!!! said...

Stace, I am with you 100%. Today we attended the annual Christmas Party, this time in Melbourne not at Caulfield Racecourse as in previous years..well, the people who run our train system have changed hands so we expected a change.
Anyhoo, I caught the train home with the kids and I felt like I was in a foreign country. No one spoke English except my kids and I..and the three drug furked idiots who got off the train, had a punch on and then one of them got back on and smoked in between the carriages. I did not find that the people on our carriage had any manners when pushing past others, including us. I piped up at someone for pushing past my kids, and I said Exc-uuuse Me! That would be enough!"
Still, I am glad you mentioned what happened, I was pissed at it too.

Stace said...

Donnnn I need somewhere to put it :( Do you own your house? Can we make your land a country? lol

Cazzie, public transport does seem to be a bit of a mecca for rude and inconsiderate people - it's actually better in peak hour, when they're all professional people, even though there are far more of them!! haha