Wednesday, February 09, 2011

I don't even know

Here I am at seven weeks and two days. I'm having trouble telling whether I'm hungry or sick, which makes me reluctant to eat, which makes me think I must be hungry because I haven't eaten much, but the thought of eating doesn't sit well... I don't know! The pickled onions which seemed so attractive to me when I bought them are now sitting in the fridge, half a jar left, looking sickening to me. I should throw them out. I want to try to eat, but every food I look at makes me go blergh. This is, I think, where most women would be delicately nibbling on dry crackers, but gluten intolerance makes that impractical; I don't happen to have any of the one single product which may be a suitable replacement. I'm making some popcorn, hopefully that'll go down alright.


Emma jane said...

Aw, hopefully popcorn goes down alright. Good snack, I have a maker of popcorn. Nifty little device.

Dangle said...

Know the feeling - wake feeling sick, spew, eat dry toast & have glass of water, wait, feel sick, rock in corner, wait, feel hungry, wait, feel sick & hungry, try fruit, wait, sick ... (woohoo though, ultrasound in just over an hour! Now to manage holding on to a litre of water for that time without wetting my pants or throwing it up!)