Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Six Weeks and One Day

For the cave trolls who have not yet migrated to Facebook, or who missed the news, I'm pregnant again!

I've just been re-reading my pregnancy-related posts from last time. By five weeks I was nauseous and sore. This time, at six weeks now, I've really just been tired and hungry. Starving!

I'm going to go on record here and state that I think it's a boy this time - even though it's obviously far too early to tell. We'll see!


Dangle said...

Duly noted ;-) Would it help if I said I've been getting the same vibe here? Could be wishful thinking all round!

Menchie said...

OMG Stace!! Your second one! Are you excited?? Congratulations!!

Cazzie!!! said...

Haha, you got a 50% chance of that being right.. but, I am also thinking that is is a little man too. I am so so excited for you all
:) xoxo