Tuesday, February 25, 2003

BOO! I know it's been a few days, I'm a lazy biatch. The big news is, we got the house! Yes, the so-called "first one" spoken of in Saturday's post! We move on March 14th. And we're allowed to have a cat there! Very exciting. Offers to assist us in the move are coming out my ears, but we should be able to make do with both our dads helping out.

Speaking of my dad, I got an email from him/my dog today, it's pasted below. :)

Hi Stacy,

I' ve got a couple of questions:

What is your new address please.
I need to send you a parcel, Neville at the Post Office will give me a Tiffy Bag, and I've got something to go in it.
Getting it into the post box slot was a problem, but with Ronny's car now being parked in the garage, he wont notice a bit of a bump when he backs out.
He he he he.

Second question
Is a gay dog a woofter?

woofity woof

HAHAHAHA how cute is that? :)

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