Tuesday, February 04, 2003

I think I'm too easily intimidated. I've just got to stand up to these lawyers, tell them the truth, and ask them to do a couple of simple things to make life easier for me! For instance, spelling things out on the dictaphone, so I don't have to listen over and over to the same muffled sound and make a rather uninspired guess! K spells things out, speaks clearly, and at the end of her dictation she records "Thanks Stacy" which is very nice! J on the other hand, doesn't speak clearly and doesn't spell anything out, which makes it hard as hell to type from her tapes! So far they're the only ones I've typed stuff up like that for, so I can't say about the rest of them. I imagine G would be nice like K, but SV (as opposed to SE) might be a bit too busy to have time for that sort of thing. SE is a very nice woman, but perhaps a tad scatterbrained? She may not think of it, but I'm sure she'd be very apologetic if I made any complaints to her!

Enough initials yet? I just don't want to mention anybody by name. Especially not if I say bad things about them!

Anyway, this morning was a little bit slow, but I had J's typing this afternoon so that kept me a bit busy.

G heard me on the phone a couple of times this morning, and hung around giving small but helpful critisisms. Critisism is a negative word. While she was telling me what I'd done wrong, she told me in a nice way, intending only to help, I'm sure.

Anyway, enough crap.

*goes to collapse on bed*

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