Friday, March 18, 2005

I've been somewhat slack with blogging lately. I just haven't had time! Tonight I am finally bored enough to open up good old Blogger. Although it's somewhat pointless because nothing's really happened of late to warrant a blog entry. I am working tomorrow, my first Saturday since starting at Post. Extra money will be nice. Other than that, life trundles along fairly normally. I got an engagement card from Geoff and Jeanette today, that was sweet of them.

I feel like such a boring person. Weeks go by and I can think of nothing worth telling anybody!

I went out with Wayne tonight, briefly. Saw Olivia and Gill too, and met some guy called Allan. Fun night, but Wayne and I left pretty early, around 7.30, due to the rather awful "entertainment" - a singer who couldn't sing and a guitarist who couldn't play the guitar.

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