Sunday, June 19, 2005

And I say to myself, what a wonderful week! Only four days at work (Monday off, Queen's Birthday holiday), all happy and stuff and in love, and all that other gooey stuff. We went op-shopping yesterday, followed by Matt and Mark's housewarming, that was fun. I must say, though, that some of the people there were more vulgar and juvenile than I usually like. Nevertheless, a fun evening on the whole, despite leaving fairly early so that Aidan could get up at 4 o'clock this morning. Ouch! So now I'm at home on my own, I've done some dishes and the washing, although I can't hang it out due to the drizzle. It's going to have to sit in it's bag going musty for a little while until Aidan gets home, but the dryer at the coin laundry should reverse that effect. No stress!

I've been downloading (or attempting to download) a few songs I haven't heard in ages or stumbled across or whatever today. There's a song by Vika & Linda called "We've started a fire" that I've been trying to download for literally years. I still can't find it. I've got 17% of somebody else's version of it, but it won't download any more. It's been a day of gentle music, predominantly female vocals, soft and soothing. As opposed to rock, metal, and so forth.

Incidentally, my head looks like a blueberry muffin. I tried to dye it purple, and it went funky instead.

I'm now considering getting married in a simple evening dress from, for instance, Syndicate, instead of either a wedding dress or jeans. Not to worry, I've still got almost two years to think about it. There's something about talking over wedding plans... it's easy to get used to living in a certain way, with a certain person, but when you start talking about the wedding it inflames some kind of passion and hope and looking to the future... I don't know how to explain what I mean, but it's wonderful. I become tangled up in the here-and-now and tend not to think about the there-and-then much. Every day is just another day. But wedding plans put everything in perspective or something.


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