Monday, June 27, 2005

It has been a memorable weekend! To celebrate various things such as our engagement and the end of Aidan's studies, we took off for a few days to a bed-and-breakfast at Mount Beauty. It's run by a friend of Aidan's, and his dad paid for it. It was a beautiful unit, wonderfully scenic surrounds, and so forth. But the car... Aidan's smegging car! On Saturday, the battery went flat twice - the second time the RACV guy just replaced it with a brand new battery instead of jump-starting us. However on Sunday night, on the way home - bye bye car, again! This time the RACV guy said it was the alternator. He jump-started us, cautioned Aidan against using blinkers or brake-lights too much at the risk of running the battery low again, and said we should make it to Melbourne. However 15 minutes later it conked out again. This time my dad came to the rescue, and brought us back to his place. He took us back to the car (which we left by the side of the Hume in the hope of it getting stolen), jump-started us, and sent us on our way. Strike me down with a feather if it didn't conk out again, this time permanently, smack bang in the middle of the bloody Burnley Tunnell. Yes, that's right folks... underground, no emergency stopping lanes, three lane road full of speeding traffic. They closed off two lanes because of us! Finally we got towed back home to Mentone, and here we are.

The weirdest thing about the whole experience is that I haven't been worried, stressed, concerned, or at all upset by all the car troubles. I've been more than happy to simply sit in the car with Aidan waiting on the RACV or the tow-truck or dad or whoever. We've had some intense emotional moments, and I've really enjoyed the whole trip. Yes, all of it. Of course, it's Monday now and I'd only arranged to have Friday off work, so I had to call in this morning and explain that I wouldn't be at work because the car had broken down on the way home!

Aidan seems to be coming to terms with the fact that I love him and don't really care that his car sucks. This is good.

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