Monday, January 08, 2007

Well, real life has resumed. At least half the staff here are back at work, I’m doing my real job instead of trying to be three people at once, and I’m at work alone for the last half hour of the day. Perfect Normality.

How did I enjoy my weekend, let me count the ways... Saturday night was the birthday party of Aidan’s cousin, which was a great deal of fun. They’re a really nice family, we always have a ball with them. A few drinks, a water fight with their young daughter (my flowergirl), and adventures with the mini-skateboard we got for the birthday boy.

It’s amazing how the sincere words of a child can touch one – she hugged me and told me that I’d make a great mum one day. If anybody would know it would be a child. It’s something that I have worried about. I’ve never had much to do with children and frequently feel uncomfortable with them. So to hear, from a child, that I’d make a great mum was rather a revelation to me and touched me deeply.

Moving right along to Sunday... ahhh Sunday. One of those inexplicably wonderful happy days. Nothing of significance really happened. It was just one of those days. It’s probably something to do with being newlywed!

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