Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wish I was a truckie, truckie truckie truckie. Wish I was a truckie truuuck. (Thank you, Kylie Minogue.) If I were a truckie I’d be likely to pick up somebody like Aileen Wournos and get myself murdered. Or pick up a prostitute and be suspected of her murder. Truckies seem to have an inordinate amount of involvement in crimes, if only as initial suspects. Funny how few of them turn out to be criminals.

Despite initially tossing around the idea of truck drivers, Vancouver’s latest serial killer turned out to be a pig farmer. Or should I still say “alleged” serial killer. Robert Pickton’s pig farm has apparently been the final resting place for about 30 prostitutes who had been working the so-called “Low Track”. His trial has recently started, with a plea of not-guilty to the initial charges of six murders. He stands accused of a total of 26 murders, but is not to be tried on all at once. Too much for the jury to handle, apparently.

I have read from several sources that if Pickton is convicted of at least 14 murders he will become Canada’s worst serial killer after Marc Lepine. However I am unsure as to the validity of that information, as Lepine was in fact a spree or mass killer as opposed to a serial killer. He gunned down 14 people in Montreal in 1989 and then killed himself.

This will be an interesting case to watch unfold...

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