Monday, September 10, 2007

My hair is orange. Oops. I tried to dye it red yesterday, but since I was starting with purple and blonde streaks, it wasn't simple. I had to bleach it first, and it went tiger-stripey (as usual), then dyed it over that which usually works just fine. I think perhaps I've dyed my hair one too many times - it's rarely the same colour for more than a couple of months. So now it's orange. It looks rather weird, but since it looks like I did it deliberately I think I'll leave it for at least a couple of weeks. Orange is one colour my hair has never been, except for those in-between bleaching and re-dyeing moments. I've certainly never been seen in public with orange hair. So this will be something different.

It's strange to see how I've reacted to this and how I've changed. In a previous hair-dyeing incident when an unexpected colour resulted, I was mortified. I cried, and wouldn't leave the house - Aidan had to go and buy me a new dye. However, this time I looked in the mirror and went "That was unexpected... kind of cool, though." I have certainly gained confidence over the last couple of years, and I'm a lot happier in myself. I think there is one major reason for that, and I think you can all guess who it is. (It's Aidan, if you didn't guess.)


Anonymous said...

You've had orange hair before.

I can hear you saying, "Andrew you are colour blind"

To which I will reply, "I am partially colour deficient, I hate political correctness. And to prove the partial part I found a tie that matched David's new suit yesterday. Oh that is David my brother, he's not heavy.

Have fun being orange (again).

Aidan said...

Andrew: I dont see colour to me you are all green, now if only we could do something about those dark green bastards.

*** PLease note meant in a spirit of irony and fun.***

Stace: glad i could help. Good it goes both ways, my life turned around the day i met you.

lee said...

So should we start calling you carrots?

Anonymous said...

Hi bluey!

homo escapeons said...

I require photgraphic evidence.

I have always imagined that you have the chutzpah to pull off any hair colour.

Think Ziggy Stardust. For me there is a marvelous tradition of readjusting societal expectations of conformity and perpendicular tangents of artistic exploration associated with having brilliant, bright, Orange, Hair.

Now. Go and blast Moonage Daydream!

Frank Baron said...

Dang Stace! I was gonna guess! And "Aidan" would have been one of my top 15 guesses!

I suspect orange suits you. :)

Cazzie!!! said...

It is nice whn unexpected things is even nicer when you can appreciate the unexpected thing and go, "WOw, that is kind of cool". I learned to do that when I took creative arts as a subject at school. If something didn't work out right I would say, cool...that IS what it IS..and how it was meant to be.
Orange IS my fav colour btw :)

Moonroot said...

I was wondering how the hair colour came out after reading your comments on Aidan's blog.
Great attitude!