Sunday, September 09, 2007

There seem to be babies everywhere right now. Kids, pregnant people, toys, and all things child-related just won't leave me alone! I confess, I'm getting clucky. How do you know when the time is right for children? I look at my life and realise that Aidan and I are unsettled in terms of our jobs/careers, our house (rented), and there's still so much we want to do in the way of travel and stuff. But babies!!! It must be some female hormone thingy saying, "Come on Stace, you're 24 now, start squeezing 'em out!" But another part of me says, "I'm only 24!!! I'm a baby myself!"

For now, I must content myself with looking at other people's babies, and playing with the toys in K-Mart myself. But one day... one day!


Aidan said...

I would love to have a army of infants with you my love. Just not yet.

You are going to be the yummiest mummy, all the kids in the street are going to say the same!

Within Without said...

You're right, Stace, you're just a babe yourself. If you're feeling the pull of motherhood, it's natural.

But there's plenty of time for that...and I'm sure when it happens, you'll be excellent at it.

lee said...

I was your age when I had my son, stace. Looking back now I do think that it was quite young BUT I guess physically it's a good time-when the body is at its peak for this kind of thing. The thing is with kids -there will never be the perfect or right time to have them.There will always be some issue, or expense (and I'm not even talking about after you have a child -that would be too daunting!! :)).When you are ready to make the child the priority -regardless even of the logic that tells you "but we should wait until..." - when the alarm on the biological clock just won't switch off........aidan had better make himself scarce ;).

Menchie said...

I would have to agree with lee. there really is no "right" time for having babies. Just as there is no exact answer to the question how mature you should be before having children.

I am sure you and Aidan will be great parents -- when you decide you are ready.

Jewel said...

Hey, Stace, I had our son Daniel when I was 35! Of course, we didn't get married until I as 34 and Ed was 43. I can honestly say that I just wasn't ready to have a baby before then and I think I was a much better mom because I was older. Take your time and do all the t hings you want to do now.