Sunday, January 13, 2008

Things that are still wrong with my "fixed" computer:
    Still freezes up during installations, at which point my only option is to hit the reset button because of the following point...

    Ctrl + Alt + Del (Task Manager) still does not work most of the time (particularly when I actually need it, when something is non-responsive).

    Still occasionally cannot handle doing too much at once - it crashed while ripping a CD and creating a shortcut on the desktop at the same time. Again, no Task Manager so I had to hit reset.

    I cannot access Windows updates - it comes up with an error message for which there is no resolution anywhere, only references to other people making the same complaint.

    It will no longer properly load my profile, putting me on as a "temp" user, meaning that my files are no longer easily accessible. I hope that the creation of a new profile will fix this, I'll find out next time I turn on the computer.

    The Ethernet connection to my modem has mysteriously failed due to an apparent lack of some file or other, although this was working previously. The modem is still recognised just fine via USB.

    A couple of times the computer has utterly failed to boot up - first it kept cycling, going through the start-up screens and then re-starting itself without ever reaching Windows proper. Then after I turned it off and gave it a bit of a rest, a couple of times it just got stuck after the start-up screens and sat there until I turned it off again. That hasn't happened for a little while now, might be ok now.

    Despite the assurance of the technician, the USB keyboard is still not being recognised until Windows is fully booted up. This means that to boot from a CD or enter setup, I have to get out my old keyboard instead.

I think that's about it. Take my advice and do not get Vista - at least not until Service Pack 1 is available. I tried to find Windows XP today, but apparently it is no longer made and retailers aren't allowed to sell it. Not available at all anywhere. So I'm stuck with this piece of crap OS. So long as I don't try to do anything complicated or useful, it'll be ok. I can blog, listen to music, and watch movies. But I cannot play Civilization IV or install AVG anti-virus software. I feel like I'm wearing the proverbial kid gloves, walking on proverbial eggshells, afraid to try too much in case I have to re-install Windows (for the fourth time since getting this system about two weeks ago). I've already put all my essential install files on a CD so I won't have to download them all again.

I mean, ok, I'm not a professional in IT, and I am a girl. But I have been using computers for personal purposes for ten or fifteen years now, and I know what I should and should not be able to do. This is not the rant of somebody with no clue about how computers work or the limitations of computers. Heck, my OLD old piece of mega-shit computer managed things that this new one can't! Right up until it started dumping physical memory instead of booting up, and then got left in the backyard in the rain for a few months.

Anyway, I'm not quite sure what to do about all this. I really don't feel comfortable or happy about going back to the place of purchase again, not after they claim to have fixed it and charged me for doing so. Perhaps I could email them and ask for advice. Or email somebody else. Or scrounge a copy of XP off somebody, or curb my temper and put up with it all until Service Pack 1 comes out ("first quarter of 2008").

I might become Amish.


Within Without said...

Stace, I think you should take the damn thing back, demand the money you paid for "repairs" back and return the stupid thing.

And go somewhere else.

Or get a Mac...(I don't have a Mac, I've got Windows XP...)

Stace said...

I did consider taking it back and demanding all my money back... but that's even more traumatising to me than just putting up with it! I had this wonderful speech planned out, calculated to put off other customers in the store so they don't buy anything there either, but when it comes to the crunch I'm too chicken shit :)

Lletna said...

Did you want me to check if steve has a copy of XP lounging around his place?

Stace said...

Chantell, that'd be good, thanks :) He's the kind of chap who would probably have it.

Anonymous said...

Sense anger I can... Anger leads to hate and hate leads to the dark side

Three things in life are certain... Death, Taxes and Computer Failure.

Allways look on the bright side Stace.

Stace said...

Thanks Andrew. I'll also bear in mind that nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition ;)

Menchie said...

hate techie troubles.

I would also recommend taking it back and get a laptop instead. At least you can take it with you in a cafe and surf. :D

lee said...

Computers have got to be the biggest pain in the rear end ever.Mine gets my stomach in utter knots sometimes. I hope you will find some resolution to these pain the backside problems.

Anonymous said...

Where in god's name did you get this piece of shite?? We always get dell, 'cause they deliver to your front door and if something doesn't work you just phone 'em up and say "oi, my computer doesn't work" and they come round and give you a new one that DOES work. Don't get their laptops though - apparently they explode.