Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I am at a public computer. I never thought I'd see the day... I am five minutes from my house, yet I have paid to use the internet in a public environment. There is a reason for this... You know that new computer I was talking about the other day? Well, it went kaput very emphatically. After owning it for only three days, we had to take it back to the shop, where they have had it since Thursday, and we still have no news on it's recovery.

Aidan has gone back to Canberra now, and I won't see him again until Australia Day weekend - 26th-28th January. I'm all alone and by myself, and only working a few days a week, and so bored and lonely! I know Aidan misses me too, but at least he's being kept very busy. The time will fly for him, he won't even notice the three weeks go by, I'm sure! I, however, have very little to do besides trying to keep myself fit and healthy. (Not easy, immediately after Christmas, as I'm sure you're aware!)

I took my scooter to the mechanic this morning to try and get the speedometer fixed... they need to order a part, it could be a week or more until it's there, so scooter remains out of action for the moment. Which is a shame, because Aidan's mum has invited me down there for a day or two next week, and I'll have to take the train and get her to pick me up from the station if I go. At least I can read on the train, I'd hate to try reading while riding the scooter!!

I don't have much time left on this thing, so I'll do a quick recap of the rest of Christmas/New Year:
Aidan's parents shouted us a night at a beautiful golf club/resort down in Cape Shank the day after Boxing Day, so that was lovely. So nice to have a night away from home, with nobody else, and no cooking or cleaning or anything to bother about. Just time for the two of us.
New Years Eve, we piked out - stayed at home and were in bed by 10pm. That's fine, no big deal. New Years Day I don't even remember what we did... probably stayed at home...
A few days after that, we went back to Aidan's cousin's place for his birthday party, it was fun but rather overshadowed by the fact that Aidan may not see them again for a very long time.

Anywho, my time on this cursed public computer is just about to run out, so off I go. I hope to be able to get back online at home soon!!!


Jewel said...

I know how it is to have to use public computers, Stace, but we don't have to pay for them here, at least not at the library, where I go when my computer is on the blink. I hope your time goes by quickly until you are able to see Aidan again.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a good half hour of free time at my local library (in devon that is, maybe there are different mancunian rules... hmmm). (in any case, I can use the uni computers when the ruddy internet fails here) (i'm gonna miss this student malarkey).(I don't know why I'm writing in brackets, but it has a nice feel to it, don't you think). (never mind).

Stace said...

I've always (rather) liked brackets. Actually it reminds me of a (very amusing) paper my mother once showed me (she's an editor by profession). It had "rules" for writing:

Never use brackets (unless absolutely necessary).
Always avoid alliteration.
Amersands & similar should be minimised.

And so forth :)

I could probably use a library, but that would mean finding it... as much as I love books and reading, I hate libraries - I really hate the concept of having to give books back. Books belong in MY house, on MY shelves, in front of MY eyes!!! hehe

Keshi said...

**I am at a public computer. I never thought I'd see the day

LOL Stace!

So it seems like u had a great relaxing break with Aidan, family n friends. AWESOME!


Within Without said...


I hope someone kicked that computer place in the gonads for this inconvenience!

And your scooter's almost brand new, too...what's the speedometer doing going like that so soon?

Hopefully these three weeks go by quickly, dear, so you can see your beloved again.

All the best.

CresceNet said...

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homo escapeons said...

Depending on the severity of your boredom you can do any number of things in three weeks!
Learn how to speak Swahili or American
Clean out the junk drawer or move around all the furniture
paint the your bedroom
dye your hair
memorize the Kama Sutra HELLO!
learn all of the taxanomical names of your native birds
give a presentation to the local Kindergarten class on why Pluto isn't a planet anymore

three weeks is a gawdsend!

Stace said...

WW - the mechanic reckons it looks like I hit something, or possibly something hit the scooter while it was parked. He suggested perhaps it had been dragged along a gutter, or something similar. Since the scooter has spent a couple of days parked nearby a construction site, I'm going to blame the workmen! hehe

HE - I dye my hair every couple of months anyway, although I'll be getting a hairdresser to do it for me tomorrow... I'll happily dye it any colour, but going back to blonde from something darker is a job for a professional. And I've already memorised, and tried out, the Kama Sutra.