Tuesday, February 05, 2008

In the Absence of Aidan, I have good days and bad days. This is a Bad Day. It started badly when I awoke from a dream of him shouting at me, which is something he's never done. It continued badly when I was so tired all through work. It got badder when I burst into tears while washing the dishes this afternoon. You're meant to salt the water when you cook pasta, but not while washing the pot. Am I just a quivering heap of female hormones and emotions gone haywire? Is there a cure for being such a thing? Maybe a herbal tea might help. Or a hallucinagenic drug, but I don't have any of those. Can you dry out an Aidan and put it in a little bag, then steep that in hot water for three minutes?

On the whole I think I've done pretty well. I've taken over the household finances and copped all the housework (including conducting ritual exocutions of spiders), I've been seeing my friends and keeping busy, I've managed this whole bloody mess with the computer problems. Through it all I've kept pretty happy and positive.

But today I am overwhelmed. Not actually by anything specific. Just generally overwhelmed.

I haven't had any responses to job applications in Canberra. No real estate agent there will accept a rental application without me first inspecting the property. I have to start packing but I don't have any boxes. I should clean the house completely, but I just can't get started. I have to formally inform our current real estate agent that we're leaving. But I don't even know exactly when I'm moving.

I think I need a hug.


Emily B said...

Poor Stace. You get days like that sometimes. You have my complete sympathy.
I'm happy currently because Dean isn't going to the States after all. And that was only going to be for a week or 2.

Stace said...

Hi Em, nice to see you here :) Why was Dean going to go to the States? I'm glad to hear he's not - especially since you'd no longer have an excuse to go with him since your sister moved back to Aus :)

Anonymous said...

Hugs to Stace. I was very impressed with your spider exocutions. Now if you dont cheer up I will go over there and force feed you tea and play Tipayatung with you. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
(note 5 !s)

Stace said...

Oh no!!! Not Andrew!!! I'd better cheer up :) Thanks :)

Jon said...

Well here's a big warm once-from-Wang hug! Good news comes too, as if you might possibly not even know of it's existence.... Something started a long time ago, 1987 actually, the 5th child born with an expectant 6th waddling into existence sometime down the track.
Waffle(s) smell good but what i'm talking about is Isobelles new book. Maybe I've missed you mentioning, maybe you're all grown up now and have no time for such fiction!
I still suck it up and was last told by the library lady how her daughter was loving the books and I just messed with my hair and agreed, that yes it is indeed good text that is definitely still suitable for a 20-something bloke.

Blah blah, anyway if you've read it I don't wanna know about it, it's ordered from QBD and so a short wait begins.

Have you read the Raw Shark Texts?


Andrew said...

Hehehe. I am glad that worked. Cheers,

Stace said...

Jon, I'll never grew up if that means not reading Isobelle Carmody anymore! Actually I've already read it. Picked it up the day after it was released, finished it the next day :)

What's the Raw Shark Texts? I'd Google it but I'm lazy :)

How've you been anyway?

Emily B said...

Mmmmm, Isobelle Carmody.
Trying to resist for a while since I can't see number 6 rushing to the publishers. But it's been so long. . .
Dean was going for work, but not anymore :D

Homo Escapeons said...

The Absence of Aidan sounds like a great title for a book...although he would prolly prefer Aidanus Absentia.

First of all here is a HUG!
Now sit down and write out all of your concerns.
Scratch off the ones that you don't have any control over.
Look at the decisions that you need to make today, this week, this month. Call/e-mail Aidan and tell him how you are feeling.

Now the good news, you are alive, the opposite of which is _____________,