Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hello, I live in Canberra now. I've been here for nearly a week, and haven't had a single job interview. Then again, there was the long weekend, so this is really only my third business day here. It's a weird feeling, like being on some kind of enforced holiday. Staying in a furnished apartment, not working, knowing nobody, learning my way around this city... But with the added bonuses of trying to find work and looking for a permanent place to live, too. It's like this nasty little cycle: It's hard to look for jobs and houses without having your own computer in your own house. But I won't have my own computer until I have a house to put it in. But we probably won't be able to rent a house until I have a job. How's that for nasty?! The world is not kind to relocators. We're also trying, or at least thinking of trying, to get a loan so that we can pay out our credit cards and buy a car/motorbike for Aidan. How adult, taking out a loan. Never done that before. Never needed to. I'm 25 now, by the way. I don't feel any different. I'd better get back to looking for jobs.


Menchie said...

You made me chuckle at your comment on my last post. :D

I'm job hunting too. Looking for something that's a lot closer to where I live. I seriously want to get rid of my 4 hour commute. I find house hunting really exciting. If only I could do it for you. :D

Cazzie!!! said...

My friend of 15 years Jackie just moved to Victoria after a long time living in Canberra. She worked for the government and her other half was in the Navy and posted there in Canberra. She quite misses it there as she had made such great supports of the other mums, she has 2 kids.
I hope you find something soonish and you can just settle. BTW, we are coming up there during the hollidays if all goes to plan. Fingers crossed :)

Donn said...

I 'canberra' another minute of you being so unhappy.
Here's a BIG HUG!

Anonymous said...

Oh Donn, you ARE A HOOT!

Glad you've made it to the new city - job hunting SUCKS big time. It's the most tedious thing in the world (unless you're going ofr that dream job, you know, the one that you can never quite define precisely but that you know exists somewhere out there, just waiting to be, erm, done.)

(same with the house.)

(except easier to define, with the house)

(watched an awesome episode of Grand Designs yesterday. I hope that helps.)


Stace said...

Menchie - I can't remember what I said, but I'm glad it amused you! You commute hours??? That's a long way. I used to think I had it bad, when it took me an hour and a half to get to work!

Cazzie - it's nice to know that Canberra has good points and people who like it. My brother has been living here for several years, and all I've ever heard from him is complaints!

Donn, my name-changing HE - very good! Thanks. The only time I'm happy is when I'm actually with Aidan - while he's at work, I'm pretty much miserable. So I hope to find something to do pretty soon.

Fathorse - I have no dream job... I have preferences, and I have things I won't do, but no ambition whatsoever! :) I do have a dream house, but I also know I won't get my dream house until I'm about 80 when I'll be able to afford it but unable to appreciate it! hehe

Keshi said...

**Hello, I live in Canberra now.

So ur officially a boring person now. LOL just kidding!

Enjoy ur new life in a new city hun!


lee said...

The only thing I know of Canberra is that Steve Kilbey grew up there. And that they weird circular planning or something :).

lee said...

The missing word is "have".

Lletna said...

hey stace,

I did try to send you a message for your birthday well blog a comment - but you know internet in non-english speaking countries....

things for me to look forward to... job hunting and house hunting...

just to let you know I am in scotland at the moment - then manchester on wednesday, then home!

Have had the true europe experience ended up in hospital (just due to alcohol - stupid E4.50 cocktails)
hugs to both you and aids!

Stace said...

Keshi - I'm very boring! I don't even have a job I can talk about! hehe

Lee - Who's Steve Kilbey?? Canberra is quite circular... very confusing. My scooter will be here soon, and then I'll have to drive these weird streets... oh well, I'll figure it out!

Chantell - Silly girl, you need to be more careful! :) Oh well, at least you would have been having fun prior to the hospitalisation!