Thursday, March 20, 2008

This is the City of Circles in which I find myself! Isn't it confusing? I can't wait until I have my scooter up here, then I can get lost properly!
In other news: I was offered a job yesterday. I'm going to call the woman today to accept it. Office administration, roughly 3 days a week. Should be fun, or as fun as any job is.


Lletna said...

well done stace!

Manchester reminds me of Melbourne - wet wet cold and some wind!

Did a tour of man united football stadium today... so much like Melbourne!

Althea said...

Nice work on the job :) Hope you're sleeping some too...sleep is pretty good :)
It finally kinda hit're a lot closer than you were before... Anyway :) Hope you're having lots of chocolate :)

Stace said...

Chantell - thanks. Did you go to Paris? Paris reminded me of Melbourne, pretentious as that may sound!!

Althea - Chocolate = pimples = bad :( I'm sleeping lots, I like sleep. Sleep is my friend.