Friday, May 02, 2008

I've just come home from my first singing lesson since I was about 17. I was pleasantly surprised that the tutor seemed rather impressed with my voice, but maybe she just says that to everybody! So we did some breathing excercises (very different to how I was originally taught, I'll have to un-learn some bad habits), and she's given me a song to learn and practice. The song, I was thrilled to realise, is "I Dreamed A Dream" from Les Miserables, which I love. I've already spent a significant period of my life singing that song when I thought nobody could hear me, so the only unfamiliar thing will be doing it in front of somebody!

So that was fun, but now I must return to mundanity and go shopping for dinner. I'm thinking of a wonderful, nuitritious, healthy microwave meal that will only taste a little bit like cardboard.


Cazzie!!! said...

WTG I am jealous, I want to do lessons too! I love to sing :)

Anonymous said...

(wonderful, nutritious, healthy) + (microwave meal) = oxymoron ??

Good stuff. That is a nice song (I didn't realise that that was its name, I had to Google it.


Frank Baron said...

I sing a bit too but never if anyone is really listening. They have to be going about their business, preferably in another part of the house or I don't pick up the guitar and don't open my mouth.

Stace said...

Cazzie - you should just go for it! There are definately music/singing schools in Melbourne!

Andrew - it was a Weight Watchers microwave meal, does that make it better?

Frank - you should be more gutsy ;) Do you sing for the fishies?

Within Without said...


I'm going to have to go to YouTube to find it, girl, or google it, but CONGRATULATIONS!!!

My son's into singing big-time and I kinda like it too, if only privately, so I admire anyone who loves it and does it.

It seems to me there are few better modes of truer and more enjoyable self-expression, if you let yourself do it.

Do Re Mi Fa So...

Within Without said...


That's a big-time song, Stace. I only wish I could hear you sing it when you're performing in front of people!

Stace said...

WW, don't get excited, I'm not that good!!! But thanks for getting excited for me :)