Monday, May 12, 2008

This is the glorious vegetable soup I made last night! Sometimes I surprise myself!

Potato (3)
Carrot (2)
Celery (lots)
Turnip (1)
Onion (1)
Red kidney beans (1 can)
Chick peas (1 can)
Pepper & Salt (to taste)
Beef stock (quite a bit)

Cut stuff up, simmer everything until you get bored, eat!

This is the equally delectable bread that Aidan made - well, it's half of it, because the other half got eaten before I could photograph it. I don't know the recipe for this, it's Aidan's speciality!

Together they made a perfectly scruptious meal, which I fully intend to duplicate with the left-overs tonight while Aidan is at work!

It's such a wonderful feeling to produce entire meals from scratch like this, particularly meals that most people buy in cans, boxes, or bags. It's very satisfying, lots of fun, and it tastes better too. The next step is to grow everything ourselves, in an ideal world.

We keep talking about a self-sufficient lifestyle: growing fruit and vegetables, keeping some livestock, even milling our own flour! We both grew up in more or less rural areas, and such ideas hark back to our childhood and our mothers' homegrown produce. One day, when we're tired of travel and we've saved enough that we don't need to work, it would be marvellous to get back to nature. Not entirely - I do like my electricity, flushing toilets, and so on! Did anybody ever see The Good Life? That's what I'd love to emulate, one day! (I mean as Barbara, not Margot.)

I suggested to Aidan that we should move to a commune. Not the hippy druggy ones, but a nice community of people who just want a simple life with outdoor work and animals! That would be nice.

In the meantime, I'm going to re-heat some of that soup, butter some bread, and try to find The Good Life clips on YouTube.


Cazzie!!! said...

Ahhh The Good Life, yes, I so do remember it. My Aunt and Uncle emulated the whole idea when they bought their bush block up out od Dayelsford, a whole 25 acres. They built their own place out of the slate off the land, ran sheep, some cows, chooks, a veggie patch and lots of other gret things. They had 6 kids who are all but grown ups now and they are all so healthy and lovely!
Bring back the old shows I say, and ditch all this crappy reality tv, incuding Big Brother!

Lovely soup and bread guys!

Anonymous said...

Hi Stace, Thats not vegetable soup. Vegetable soup has vege-stock in it. I'm glad it was delicious. It certainly looked good. I hope you can find a nice commune which will still allow you to blog.

Donn said...


I would love to move to a Hippy Commune..but just for the Weekend or atleast until the Acid wore off.

Then I want to be sanitized and coherent again..
until next weekend!