Monday, June 09, 2008

Our car broke down yesterday. In a big way. Click click click click BOOM!!! Smoke smoke, no more driving, no starting, zip nothing nada. Had to get it towed home (fortunately less than a kilometre away), and we can't do anything about it until after the long weekend. Tuesday will be (hopefully) the first time a mechanic looks at it and tells us how much it'll cost to fix. Oh well, we do have insurance that covers some engine parts to a limited value. Things could definitely be worse. But we didn't get to go to the poultry show we were thinking about. (The Megg Miller mentioned in the article is my mum's boss, so we were going to drop in on her too.) So anyway, we're a little bit homebound, unless we feel like an hour-long walk into the city, which we did today. We were hoping to get some D&D books and an idea on how to actually play. But the books were too expensive, particularly as we may have to front up some dosh to fix the car shortly. Talk about a wasted walk! But Exercise is Good, right? I need more of it, my tummy's getting flabby again! Oh well, as long as my pants fit I'm not too fussed!

I'm really quite bored right now. Aidan's gone to bed because he's got an early start tomorrow, but I'm not tired yet and I don't work again until Tuesday. Speaking of work, and Tuesday, my recruitment agent is coming to visit because he's found a job he thinks I might be interested in. From what he's told me so far, I am interested, although they're offering a little less than I was hoping for. But they might negotiate. We shall see! I remain optimistic, as usual!

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