Sunday, October 12, 2008

Somepeople expressed a desire to see me with purple hair again. Sadly it's a little difficult to tell that it's actually purple in this photo, but I can't be bothered taking another one. Just trust me. It's purple.

It's a glorious day in this big country town also known as our capital city. And what does a lazy Stace do with a glorious day? She sits out in the backyard (well, what passes for a backyard when you live in an apartment block; that's half of it in that photo) and reads and eats strawberries!

I forgot to close the screen door, and now there's a fly buzzing around inside... at least it's only one. When this town gets hotter, in mid-summer, the air is like a kind of fly soup.

Canberra really can be lovely sometimes. It's the Spring weather that I like. The Summers are far too hot, and the Winters are far too cold. And it's not just the hot and the cold, it's the type of hot and cold. Sweltering heat that makes you wish you were in Antarctica, and biting cold that makes you wish you were on fire. But today, so far, is just perfect. I'm going to sit out in the yard and read some more, and eat those strawberries!


Ponygirl said...

What a cool colour! It's kind of aubergine.

Bet my biting cold has a lot more teeth than YOUR biting cold! We are just getting prepared for winter here in the centre of Canada - all too soon it will be colder than -40C with a howling north wind that will freeze your nipples off.

I am NOT looking forward to that, for some reason.....

Andrew said...

Hmmm strawberries...

Frank Baron said...

Stace dear - lemme tell ya 'bout cold....


Stace said...

I don't wanna hear about cold from Canadians!!! You guys are bred for it!! haha



Everywhere you go,
Always take the weather

It sounds as though you 'Canberra' another hot summa? I'll trade you..Ponygirl is spot on..
in a few weeks it'll be cold enough to freeze the nutz off a robot.

Shoot me now!

WW said...

What startling blue eyes! And other things, including purple hair, but it looks more...crimson?

And what's that pendant signify, then?

Here in the Great White North, we're absolutely orgasmic that it got up to 12C today.

I'm just sayin'.