Tuesday, February 03, 2009

People make me so mad, in so many ways, that I am now dedicating a blog post to detailing just a few of those ways.

On Sunday, at the Big Day Out in Perth, a girl saw police conducting drug searches ahead of her. Rather than be caught with ecstasy, she immediately swallowed all three tabs she had on her. She later died. Firstly, this was FUCKING STUPID of her. It's an illegal and unsafe substance, probably made in somebody's backyard and cut with god knows what. Secondly, it is FUCKING STUPID of the public to now start blaming the police for her death. They were doing their job, upholding the law, ensuring that such dangerous and illegal substances didn't get into the BDO.

Over on Cazzie's blog, I note she is upset at the unsafe and illegal driving and parking practices of parents around her children's school. I must now add that I get pissed off at the same things here in Canberra. Now that I ride my scooter everywhere (as opposed to the public transport I used to rely on in Melbourne), I see FUCKING STUPID driving everywhere I look. Who tailgates a scooter? Do they have any idea the damage I would suffer if they couldn't stop in time and rear-ended me? And why, dear god, why do you toot your horn as soon as the lights go green if somebody hasn't moved? For all you know they may have seen something you didn't - you're a car further back, maybe you missed that truck who's brakes failed. Maybe their car has stalled or broken down; tooting isn't going to help that. And why do you park in no-parking spots, when there is free/cheap parking so close to where you are anyway? Seriously, I could dedicate an entire blog post, with photos, to bad driving and parking in Canberra. But I think I've said enough for now.

A live trail of mandatory ISP-level internet filtering is to start very soon in Australia. I've blogged about this before, but given my general pissed-off-edness today, I'm blogging about it again. See? George Orwell was a prophet: They really are watching us all the time, controlling what we see and how we think! Do I really need to detail once again how ineffective and pointless (not to mention expensive) this experiment is going to be?

People are blaming banks and governments, anybody but themselves, for the debt they find themselves in during this worldwide financial crisis. Surely if you hadn't decided to borrow beyond your means, you wouldn't have this problem? Budget, consider your income and job security, consider the terms of potential loans, work out a worst-case scenario (like the one we're seeing now), before agreeing to borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars for your dreamhome. A home loan is usually paid off over about 25 years, and you can't predict what will happen in that time, so assume the worst. Oh, and while you're paying off your mortgage, don't go and buy a big plasma-screen TV and a Wii and install a pool, ok?

A woman is getting angry at an airline for charging her for two seats because she's overweight. Weight and balance are quite important on an aircraft, so I'm not in the least surprised. Not to mention the comfort of other passengers; is there anything worse than being seated next to somebody who overflows? LOSE SOME WEIGHT, and avoid the problem in future. She's 160kg, that's 352 pounds.

A woman has tried to get out of a speeding fine by claiming that her new shoes were heavy. Do I even need to put words to my disbelief? Speed limits are there for the safety of everybody. Pay attention to them, adhere to them (or even drive slower, if you think that's safer), but if you get caught and fined, just pay the damn fine.

The coach of the basketball team who had a 100-0 victory has refused to apologise for the win, and has been fired. Say WHAT?! His team were obviously far superior to their opponents, whyyyyy is that his fault or something he should apologise for?

Ok, I think that's just enough ranting for the moment. But stay tuned for another episode of, What Pisses Stace Off! Coming soon, to a blog near you!


Andrew said...

That was a good episode of "What Pisses Stace Off" I will breathlessly await for the next instalment. You know what annoys me? People who can not stop quoting Monty Python - sadly that includes me.

Stace said...

At least people who can't stop quoting Monty Python are AMUSING! (And generally intelligent and interesting!) :)

Andrew said...

Some things in life are bad, they can really make you mad, other things just make you sware and curse. And your collection has many fine things to curse aobut.

Cazzie!!! said...

Absolutely! I agree 100% with everything you say.
As I tell my kids, "Drugs will KILL you, never ever take them." "Medicine is ok to take when you are ill, if you take it when you are not ill, it CAN kill you..it is then like taking drugs."
You are so right, people who try to start off where their parents have worked all of their lives to BE have made the mess..they want everything now, they don't think of starting small and working bigger if that is the plan. If you cannot afford it, don't get it yet! Derr!!
Re you being tail gated...grrr, I get so mad you can't begin to believe it. I have looked after many cyclist and motor bike/scooter rider in such an accident. It could be avoided if people just had respect! Driving a car, having a license is a privelege, not a right.
Hell, I'd take the license off of about 50 people today if I could. I'd fine their arses off around my kids school, twice a day they'd get booked. Well, it is also revenue raising for the council, they ought to step on it if they can round up the staff.
Oh dear...take a breath. Take care of that body of yours and your little bean :)

Anonymous said...

my god. You should never drive in Europe. EVERY TIME they are forced to slow down slightly or - god forbid! - STOP for traffic/lights/level crossing/children they lean on their horns. It drives me fucking crazy.

That girl with the ecstasy tho was clearly a moron and, probably, a dickhead. All the e-heads I know are dickheads, so I'm happy to make the generalisation. It's an incredibly unnecessary drug and people only use it to be glamorous, but its so unstable and I have little/no sympathy, except clearly for their families and so on. Can't believe the police are being blamed. If there had been no search and she'd friggin exploded her brain there'd be people everywhere claiming there aren't enough drug searches protecting morons from themselves. Jeez.

People are always blaming the police for policing. I'd never be able to cope with it. They're treated worse by the media than rapists. Although of course there are clear limits to good policing. After the Stephen Lawrence affair they started bringing in all this paperwork to control police powers and behaviour. Now, predictably, everyone's going on about how ineffective the police are. And now they're cutting back on the paperwork and telling police judge situations themselves. Tsk.

Stace said...

Fathorse - being a pedestrian in Europe was bad enough! I nearly got run over in Bologna, Aidan got hit in London, and Rome was just an orgy of scooters. lol

Hilary said...

There's a bit more to the 110-0 win than just a win. My bloggie buddy, Russell wrote about it too. Here's a little bit of insight into that story.

Stace said...

Hilary - thanks for the link. I had read the full story of the basketball game... but to me, refusing to apologise for winning is NOT grounds for sacking a coach. Coaches are there to make sure their team DOES win, aren't they? And anyway, what the heck was a special needs school doing playing sport against a non-special needs school?? Did they expect anything else to happen? Meaning no disparagement to the special needs girls, but you have to face it, they were obviously playing outside of their class and it was unfair on them to even put them in that situation.

Hilary said...

I get your point, Stace but teaching our kids about good sportsmanship is far more than winning the game. I guess we just see this from different angles, which is fair enough. :)

Jewel said...

Okayyyy...first let me say that it is good for you to get all of this out...now that you are pregnant, especially. You don't want to keep all of this bottled up!
Now, why didn't the girl just throw the pills away? My, my...it certainly wasn't the fault of the police.
Drivers are crazy here in the states, too. Unbelievably so, but, thankfully, I am a fairly patient people and can look past most of the rudeness.
Don't even get me started on the debt that people and companies owe! Ed and I live a very conservative lifestyle, by choice. We do not have debt other than our monthly utilities and living expenses. I shouldn't have to help bail-out people who are just irresponsible, self-centered, selfish, trying to keep up with the Joneses. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!
Now, about the ballgame. The teams should not have played eachother, in the first place! Hello. Or there should be a rule, just as there is in baseball, where when one team gets so far ahead, you call the game. The coach of the winning team certainly shouldn't have been fired. Come on. Talk about sportmanship? Hello.
I just get so weary of people complaining and blaming the other guy. But, I'm afraid it's not going to end any time soon!
Gosh, Stace, ya got me all fired up! LOL
The end.