Sunday, March 01, 2009

This child of mine is definitely Aidan's. She's hyperactive, and getting so strong! I'm sure it won't be long before I can put a ping-pong ball on my stomach, as advised by Cazzie, and watch Elspeth kick it off from within! If she's like this at 22 weeks (well, it'll be 22 weeks tomorrow), what will she be like for the second half of the pregnancy?! It's so awesome to feel her in there; I tend to zone out a bit every time I feel her squirm and just focus on her instead of whatever I'm meant to be doing. I must look like I'm going batty sometimes, sitting with my hand on my belly and a faint smile on my face, staring at nothing!

I have to figure out when I'm going to stop working. I've already stopped riding my scooter; when you spend a good twenty seconds staring at a button wondering what it does, only to realise it's the ignition, that's when it's time to stop!! So I'm taking the bus, which is turning out a lot easier and quicker than I had previously thought. Anyway, I should be able to work up until quite near the due date; my job is not physically strenuous and I can sit down for most of the day. On the other hand, I'm already suffering vagueness and fatigue (suffering is probably not quite the right word; on the whole I love being pregnant); I'm not sure how that will effect my work performance as these "symptoms" will undoubtedly become more pronounced!

I also need to decide what and if and when and where to study. I mean, I know I want to complete some form of tertiary education, but being uncertain as to where we might be living for the next four years or so makes it difficult to contemplate anything other than online/correspondence courses. The problem with this is twofold: Firstly I'm not certain that I have the self-discipline to stick to my studies independently; and secondly I can't find any correspondence course that deals specifically with linguistics, which is what I'm very keen to study. I'll figure it out eventually, I'm sure: possibly a combination of on-and-off-campus learning, or just acknowledging that I may need to transfer to a different uni/mode of study halfway through. It'll all work out, somehow someday!!


Rosemary Grace said...

Dude! I didn't know you wanted to study linguistics! My Dad's a recently retired Linguistics prof, though the wrong side of the world for you.

I want to see film of the baby kicking a ping pong ball trick. (I nearly just typed "ping pong ball trick" but that's something else entirely.

Stace said...

Rosemary - pity your dad's so far away :( That's precisely the career path I've been pipe-dreaming of ;)

I'll film the bub as soon as it starts doing visibly cool stuff... at the moment only I can feel it most of the time, although sometimes she'll kick Aidan in the hand :)

elizabeth said...

Baby! Ping pong ball is a fantastic idea. I used a whole chocolate cake; entertaining and yummy. So excited for you - what a cool thing to experience hey?

Cazzie!!! said...

So exciting Stace! I know, your mind is on the baby and the bump and the movement and the wondering what will she look like, how will it happen, will I be able to feed, da da many wonderous things.
Your study, it will work out.. you will see.